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5 Strategies to Upgrade Your Money Mindset with Denise Duffield-Thomas

When you look at your life, what does it tell you about your money mindset?

Do you see thriving financials? A lifestyle that matches your desires? A deep impact on those you’re meant to serve?

Or do you find yourself playing small, feeling scared about money, constantly overworking and undercharging — and asking yourself when (if ever) you’re going to get your “money situation” figured out and start creating the business you envisioned when you first started out?

There are a LOT of women who find themselves in that second category (so if that’s you, please don’t feel bad about it).

The great news is, if you’re ready to change all that, then we have something very special to share with you today.

Our friend Denise Duffield-Thomas is holding a free live online class this Tuesday, April 17 at 6PM Eastern — and we REALLY want you to be there.

There are three reasons why.

1 -Denise Duffield-Thomas will totally transform your money life for the better.

That’s no exaggeration. She’s widely regarded as the go-to money mindset mentor for women entrepreneurs (or boss babes) who want to ditch their old money stories and habits and start succeeding financially — while having an easier lifestyle AND a bigger impact on the world.

In only a few short years, Denise has created a multi-million dollar enterprise from scratch (while raising a family!). She’s an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, and has influenced the lives of tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs through her books, programs, and other transformational materials.

2- This is not your ordinary webinar.

Denise’s down-to-earth style is incredibly refreshing, especially considering she runs a 7-figure business and has a following in the hundreds of thousands. One of the things we love about Denise is that she lays everything out in a very transparent, easy-to-understand way. Plus, she really walks her talk and walks alongside those she teaches.

3- What you’ll learn could be the difference between success and failure in your business + financial health

We’re not saying that to freak you out or be overly dramatic. You may have noticed, however, that not everyone is financially successful. One of the key factors that Denise has identified (and built her work around) is that your money mindset can absolutely determine whether you’ll be one of the ones who “makes it”  or not.

That’s why she’s created this live event, where she’ll unpack her “Top 5 Strategies To Upgrade Your Money Mindset.”

>> Reserve your seat right here (it’s happening this Tuesday, April 17 at 6PM Eastern time). 

We had to share this special event with you because we suspect that, like many other women, you want both financial success AND to make a difference on the planet.

And Denise’s message is pretty clear: when you’re doing well financially, then you can help more people. It’s not just about the money (though her strategies will definitely help you make more of it!) but about stepping into your role as a wealthy, empowered leader in your life.

This message is so timely for where we are as a society right now, and it’ll apply directly to you in your business, too (whether you’re already successful and want to get to the next level, or are struggling with overworking and underearning).

>> Click here to reserve your spot in this game-changing live webinar

You’ll discover the 5 strategies female entrepreneurs like you can use to upgrade your money mindset — AND you’ll learn how you can get Denise’s help along your money journey, and join a movement of thousands of women as we change the way we think and feel about money – forever.

Go ahead and register for the webinar even if you can’t join live, because there will be a replay (but you can only get it if you register!).

Get Denise’s “Top 5 Strategies To Upgrade Your Money Mindset” by registering here.

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