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5 Ways to Practice Devotion with Your Bestie

It’s National Bestfriend Day tomorrow (June 8th), and while we think it’s super important to carve out time for your friendships every day of the year, why not take this day to really celebrate these relationships.  We don’t know about you, but we would be lost without the love, support and guidance of the girlfriends in our lives (shout out Team TD). Besties are a lifeline when you’re drowning, a boost when you’re struggling to reach those goals, and they always cover your back. They play the duel role of your own personal cheering squad and the honest voice of reason when you’re being, well, unreasonable. They’re basically essential to your growth and development as a person, which is why we’re so excited there’s a day to honor them!

We’ve put together a list of 5 ways to spend time with your person, that are focused on deepening your connection, and strengthening that lasting bond.

Plan a DIY wellness getaway

2016-03-18-1458279164-1804018-image1Wellness retreats are beyond amazing, and everyone should go to at least one in their lifetime, but they aren’t always the most accessible, and the costs can add up quickly. But, there’s no reason why you and your bestie can’t create your own! Here’s our easy guide to doing one.

  • Pick a city within driving distance, (or if this is with your long distance bff, fly to a city in the middle?)
  • Book an Airbnb for a night or two (we love trying to find ones with access to a pool or hot tub)
  • Find a local yoga/barre/spin studio that offers the first class free, or at a discounted rate and book in for some exercise
  • Hit up the local market and grab ingredients to make a few simple, healthy and delicious meals
  • Plan something fun to get you outside and active! Think hiking, SUP or bike rentals.
  • Consider treating yourself to massages, facials or mud wraps to up the luxe level.
  • And if wine’s your thing, bring your fave bottle along to cheers your friendship!

Volunteer together

volunteer group hands together showing unity

We guarantee that if you two have achieved Best Friend status, you probably have similar values. Pick a cause or organization that aligns with both of you and commit to volunteering together.  It can be anything from donating your time to the local animal shelter, serving at a charity benefit, writing postcards to voters, or collecting donations for your local women’s shelter.

Learn to cook something new together

Woman reading a recipe on a tablet

Let’s be honest, eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and it is one of the easiest ways to bring people together.  Why not go to a local cooking class together, or hire a private chef to come to your house and show you how to cook a new style of food.  Emily from Team TD got a group of her friends together and hired a vegan chef to come to her house and show them how to make some the meatless versions of some classic recipes.  At the end of the 3 hour class, the girls had a delicious dinner (plus leftovers), an empty bottle of wine, and the knowledge of how to meal plan a week’s worth of delicious vegan meals for a fraction of the cost of their meaty counterparts.

Create and hide a time capsule


This is such a good idea for those friendships you’ve had for a few years.  Gather up some mementos from all the adventures you’ve had together, like pictures, concert T’s, flight receipts etc. Write each other a letter to each other explaining what’s in your heart, how your friendship has impacted your life, and your hopes and dreams for eachother and seal it all up in a cute box. Tuck this away somewhere safe, and make a pact to open it in 10 years.  We can’t wait to do this one!

Have a goal planning session


Remember in highschool when you and your bestie would be assigned to a work on a project together, and you’d spend the weekend together focused on achieving one common goal (an A, obvi). How fun was that?! This is basically the adult version of that.  Being in total alignment, working together on a common goal is one of the best ways to really connect with a person on a deeper level. Maybe you’re just helping one another out with your individual goals, or maybe you’re going to work together on a joint venture… either way, we promise this will be a really fun and engaging way to grow together.

Which of these are you going to try?


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