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6 Easy Things You Can Do For Earth Day!

Earth Day has been celebrated annually since 1970. For 47 years, communities from around the world bring awareness of the degrading quality of our environment and home, Mother Earth.

There are many ways Mother Earth can use our help today and everyday to counteract the effects of environmental mass destruction. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and believe that our individual actions can truly have an impact and a difference, but it really does. Trust that your acts of kindness have a ripple effect on the universe.

We’ve compiled a list to help get us started. You can pick one or multiple of these environmental actions to help Mother Earth for Earth Day and/or to implement into your everyday lifestyle.

Mother Earth’s Breeze  

An average car ride of 16 km omits 8.6 km pounds of carbon dioxide into the air nearly twice as much as an central air conditioner. Consider making it both ways to work without driving your car. You can carpool with several co-workers, use public transit or better yet, ride your bike and get healthy alongside mother nature; The Zen Guide to Bike Commuting

Deforestation is a primary contribution to global warming. We can help counteract those effects by planting trees, shurbs, bushes or any plants to help absorb CO2 in the air; Here’s How to Plant Trees from Twigs

Mother Earth’s Grounds
The average American throws away almost 4.4lbs of garbage a day, that is 1606 lbs of garbage a year!  There is a growing trend in the eco friendly community to move towards zero waste grocery shopping.  Mason jars, reusable shopping bags, cloth produce bags are all affordable, and easily accessible alternatives. Here is an example of how easy it is to be plastic free!   Zero Waste Grocery Shopping Kit

The honey bees are disappearing. This is a fact, and it is something we should all be worried about.  90% of the world’s plants, including many we use for food, depend on pollinators like the honey bee. If the bees disappear, the plants won’t be far behind.  So this spring, be sure to leave those dandelions where they are, they are the first food of the season for our honey making friends.  And be sure to plant a  bee friendly garden!

Mother Earth’s Waterflow

Now that you have planted your trees, and bee friendly garden, it is important to make sure you can nourish it! Whether you live in a climate that experiences droughts and water restrictions or not, it is always important to limit your water consumption. This simple rain collecting system means you can have lush lawns and gardens, and a bountiful harvest, with minimal water usage! DIY Rain Barrel

Lastly, consider going through your product drawers to check for beauty products that may contain micro beads. Essentially they’re plastic pellets that can be found in products like: Toothpaste, shower gels, facial scrubs and shaving foam to name a few. According to the Marine Conservation Society, Emma Cunningham explains “When you wash them off with water, the water goes down the plug hole but it carries the tiny bits of plastic with it and they end up in the sea. They’re less than a mm wide so water filters miss them…The evidence is there to suggest animals right at the bottom of the food chain are ingesting it and we worry what impact that will have higher up the food chain.” What can you use instead? Simply look for products that do not contain micro beads or try making your own. Natural Products All Natural Body Scrubs- Ban the Microbead!

For more interesting Mother Earth preservation techniques visit our Pinterest board.

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