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An Interview with Katie Brauer

With 20 years of coaching experience, Katie Brauer has mentored thousands of people just like you to live more joyful, abundant, and connected lives. Katie guides you to create a new sense of normal that inspires your personal power by improving relationships with yourself and others. We connected with her for an interview to learn how you can grow with possibility to create abundance in all aspects of your life:

What does it mean to connect with your true self? Connecting with your true self takes a willingness to feel, openness, courage and a guide can be incredibly beneficial and supportive in this process. Often times we are on a certain trajectory that has all the makings of “a great life” only to realize that deep down we are not truly happy and that the path you are on  is not the path you want to be on. Connecting with your true self enables you to get clear on what your inner truth is, and begin taking baby steps toward greater alignment and a deeper sense of fulfillment and peace.

What lights you up? What personally lights me up is supporting and guiding people in transformation, witnessing them stand in their power and embrace their gifts as human beings, it is the ultimate.

Why is growth within our lives important? Growth is a must, very simply because if you are not growing your are dying. Life has an inherent desire to thrive, and it is instrumental to continually take yourself out of your “norm” to ensure that growth can take place.

What are some of the excuses that people have that hold them back? Fear of not being good enough, not enough time, money, energy, fear of change, resistance to feeling. Also fear of not having support, for growth to happen you need to get out of your comfort zone.


How do you help people break down these barriers? I have been fortunate to lead  thousands of people in transformative experiences and honed the skill of ensuring participants feel supported, heard, seen and felt, this “safe and sacred space”  that I create in combination with awareness building exercises and course content, enables them to tap in, cultivate a greater sense of self and feel the support and desire to shed layers emerges.

How do you know when you have connection to the heart? It is a felt sense that is undeniable. Incredibly powerful.

We read that you’ve been coaching for 20 years, what are some stand out experiences your clients have had? The list is long, honestly the craziest thing is seeing people literally transform, physically, emotionally, mentally – it is mind-blowing and heart filling.

What do you tell those looking for help to take the first step towards lasting change in their lives? If you are curious, follow that impulse and commit to the journey. There are a ton of courses and people out there doing this kind of work, if you feel curious that is your intuition giving you a nudge that this particular course, with this particular group of people is your calling.

What’s the importance of the power of community? Community is supportive, creates a sense of “I’m not doing it alone”, gives the opportunity to connect with others on the path, and is incredibly powerful. Life long friendships have been created through community learning that I have been a part of, and that is incredible!

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