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April’s Pink Moon

Friday, April 22nd, 2016 brings a Full Moon in Scorpio, also known as “Pink Moon”. Between Mars Retrograde and the Pink Moon, it probably feels like you’re being pulled in multiple directions. Unresolved issues from the past become ever-present, and worries of the future might be causing you major stress. While it might seem like things are falling apart, in reality they’re coming together. Whatever is breaking down, is making room for new.

This Full Moon calls for us to find balance and do some deep ego + soul work. Don’t forget to stay grounded, you might find a pleasant surprise over the weekend when Venus and Uranus join. But don’t be too pushy, let everything be what it will be.

Although it’s name certainly suggests so, sadly the moon won’t have a pinkish tint. This name symbolizes the start of spring and pink-colored flowers that are blooming and spreading this time of year, such as the wild ground phlox, or moss pink.

The Moon will reach it’s fullest point around 1:25am Friday night. So pour yourself a refreshing glass of rosé, grab a chair and enjoy this moonlit evening.


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