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Beginner Tips for Starting Yoga

Beginner Tips for Starting Yoga

Much like the way people starts with something new, Yoga will feel like a struggle in the beginning. But with consistency and continuously learning from others’ experiences, it will get better.

For many, yoga always seemed like a challenge. Other people are hesitant to start practicing as they feel shy, awkward or they feel like a fool for trying out. Most beginners feel this way, so do not feel discouraged. There are alternative ways for beginners to start learning yoga and become more confident in the practice. Here are some useful tips to help beginners:

Start with the Basics

While complex yoga poses look impressive, if this is your first time to do yoga, then you better start simple. One costly mistake people make when they start practicing yoga is they overestimate their capabilities and would try out complicated poses even when they are not yet ready. This will only lead to disappointment and failure. It is best to listen to your body, feel and gradually ease into more difficult yoga poses.

Simple poses to try at first are the plank, cow pose, downward dog, child’s pose and cat pose. 

Be Patient

Yoga is a practice that cannot be rushed. For you to master each pose and feel that you are advancing, you have to gradually progress in flexibility and strength. You can achieve all these by consistent practice. Do not be frustrated if you cannot do a pose today. Practice more and you will be able to do it in the future. The most important thing here is that you don’t give up.

Be Kind to Yourself

Yoga can be really difficult for some beginners. There will be plenty of failed attempts. When these things happen, don’t be too hard on yourself. With these failures, you learn new things and you develop more of yourself. It is a personal practice so when you can’t do something, don’t give up trying. Find alternative poses until you can achieve your goals.

Compete Only With Yourself

Avoid comparing your progress with others. Keep in mind that every person is different and how well you do is based on your body, the amount of time you spend practicing and various other factors. Focus on your progress and celebrate little achievements when they happen.

Find the Right Yoga Class For You

There are different yoga classes offered these days. You can also find Yogis teaching basic and advanced yoga poses online. But the important thing for beginners is to choose the right class for your level and your budget. There are great and affordable online yoga tutorials that you can try out. It is also fun to go to a class with other people and working out with them to give you that yoga vibe.

Practicing yoga has many advantages and it is known to benefit one’s health. Yoga is known to reduce stress and relieve tension. It is very calming and helps you achieve a peaceful state of mind. On the physical health, yoga improves balance, flexibility, and strength. It also improves breathing and promotes better sleep quality. Yoga is also known to help lose weight because practicing it makes you lose weight and improve your overall health and your quality of life.

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