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Birthstones by Birth Month - Power Gemstones for every Sun Sign

Birthstones by Birth Month - Power Gemstones for every Sun Sign

Birthstones are gems, crystals, or semi precious stones that are associated with your birth month. These stones are believed to have a direct bearing on different aspects of your life: health, finances, spirituality. Having the correct stone with you in the form of a necklace, bracelet, or accessory can help bring positive energy, motivation, and send your intentions out to the world.

What is the origin of birthstones?

Birthstones were used as far back as the 5th century. The scholars of that time made a connection among the 12 gems found in the breastplate of Aaron which represented the 12 months of the year or the 12 zodiac signs. They theorized that each gemstone was connected to a particular month or astrological representation and that people will receive both physical and supernatural benefits while wearing one. Initially, people were confused as to which gemstone should represent a particular month, until the year 1912 when an official birthstones list was published by Sears. This has since been the basis for birthstones.

What’s my birthstone?

Here is the list of the birth months and their corresponding birthstones:

Birthstones and Their Meanings

Today, birthstones are worn to represent the birth month of an individual. There are however, some ancient writings suggesting that one must collect all 12 gemstones and wear one for each month for protection. Either way, these gems are lovely to look at and people do collect various pieces of jewelry and accessories and mix and match wearing them on different days.

January – Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone for individuals born in January. Historical records show that the gemstone dates back to the Egyptians of 3100 BC who used the gemstone for their jewelry. Garnet is said to be linked to the planet Mars and it believed to protect the wearer from nightmares and offers direction in darkness. The stone is associated with wealth, healing, constancy, love, and luck.

February – Amethyst

Often linked with Jasper and Garnets, ancient Romans and Greeks find these gemstones as a good way to ward off the powers of Bacchus and make the wearer smart and clear headed. Amethyst is found to cure insomnia, arthritis, circulatory issues, and headaches.  It is believed to further help cultivate tranquility, peace and calmness within you. 

March – Aquamarine

The aquamarine is the assigned birthstone for March and it is said to bring the wearer youth, hope, love, courage, happiness, and good health. Health wise, the birthstone is said to be good for stress and throat problems.

April – Quartz or Diamond

Diamonds come in various colors and it is the birthstone of those born in April. They symbolize eternal love and invincibility. The ancient people believe that these stones are able to ward of insanity, it affords good luck, protection, inner strength, clarity, balance, and abundance.

Quartz are also seen as a good alternative for diamonds because of their clarity and purity.

May – Emerald

Emeralds are believed to be mined in Egypt as early as 330 BC. It is a birthstone for friendship, loyalty, faithfulness, fertility, improved eyesight, clairvoyance, foresight, and good memory. Emeralds are said to represent unity, compassion, as well as unconditional love. It was originally dedicated to Venus because of its connection to romantic love.

June – Pearl + Alexandrite + Moonstone

The pearl is the favorite gemstone of the Roman Empire. The 1500s in Tudor England was regarded as the pearl age. Pearls are known to represent friendship, faithfulness, loyalty and are often used to ward off health problems associated with the heart, stomach, and other intestinal problems. Moonstones on the other hand represent good fortune. These are associated with the feminine form because they reflect the light of the moon.

July – Ruby

Ruby is harder than any natural gemstone aside from diamonds. The wearer attracts good friends and good luck with rubies. It is highly associated with happiness, success, integrity, courage, and prosperity. For health, ruby is known to purify the blood and provides positive thoughts.

August – Peridot

Peridot was said to have formed in the surface of volcanoes. In Hawaii, Peridot is believed to symbolize the tears of Pele the fire goddess and goddess of volcanoes. It protects against nightmares, but brings power true love, truth, loyalty, fame, and protection. It wards off depression and cures problems in the sinuses, lungs, and lymph nodes

September – Sapphire

Sapphires are usually blue, but they also come in other shades or colors. Sapphires are said to protect your loved ones from harm and envy. They bring constancy, insight, clear mind, serenity, dignity, faith, purity, and wisdom. For health, it is known to stop inflammation, aid with hearing issues, and lower fever.

October – Tourmaline or Opal

Derived from the Greek word ‘Opallos,’ which means to see a change in color. Opals are often found in milky white but with some splashes of iridescent brilliant colors. It is a precious stone that has the red of a Garnet, the sea green of Emerald, and the purple hues of Amethyst. It shields the wearer from the negative thoughts and energies of other people surrounding the individual. It is said to be associated with confidence and happiness. It aids health problems associated with the eyes.

November – Citrine

Citrine is the yellow gemstone that is intended for those born in the month of November. They may however come in brown hues. They heal the body and mind and serve protection for those who travel. It is associated with strength, energy, vitality, loyalty, friendship, and faithfulness.

December – Turquoise

The turquoise is said to date as far back as the 15th century, this is the birthstone of December. This is a popular Victorian gemstone. It represents life, cycle of life, old age, death, and rebirth. It exudes good fortune and happiness to the wearer. It further helps one with communication, protects from all forms of diseases and regeneration, it good for spiritual bonding, boosts creativity, and affords peace of mind.

Each and every gemstone is unique and possesses various attributes. Good luck and fortune is often associated with most birthstones. These gemstones are believed to hold various energies and traits, but one should not rely on them for every good and positive thing to happen in your life.

These stones and crystals carry a positive influence on your life and only help you manifest your devotions and intentions. Your fortune, attitude, health, and relationship with others all depends on your actions and choices.

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