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Burning Sage Ceremony {How to}

We had a lot of burning questions from everyone about sage yesterday. {pun intended} Here. We go.

Burning Sage Ceremony {How to}

Burning sage is an ancient art/ritual to many cultures in the world. It’s one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a space.

Sage stems from the word “to heal”. So literally the process of healing and reknewing your space. Who doesn’t need that from time to time?

Here’s our step by step guide to being a sage-ing goddess..

1. You need a smudge stick (preferably white sage which consists of a bundle of dried sage herbs) as well as something heat proof to put the sage stick out with.

2. There is a myth that people sage their house for the smell factory. If you have smelled sage you will know this isn’t true. It’s not the most beautiful smell in the world – but it works and the smells goes away shortly after.

3. Before you start saging say a little prayer or affirmation to yourself either outloud or silently.

i.e. My intention is to renew and cleanse this space and create a harmonious, peaceful home for my family where our love, creativity and abundance flows freely.

We like to wear our mala beads and flowy comfortable clothes (but let’s be honest, we always tend to wear clothes that aren’t restrictive and free flowing wink emoticon

4. Start in door openings, and high traffic areas. If you are really tuned in you will get messages or remember things that happened in this areas and you can verbally cleanse and affirm the space. i.e.. You can ask to specifically let go of the energy of a person or event.

5. Corners are another big area to sage as there is a lot of congestion and blocks. Spend a lot of time in the corners again you can verbally urge to “release any negativity” and to “create space, purity and flow.”

6. Sometimes its nice to put on some beautiful cleansing music. We love Tina Malia and can enhance the ceremony.

Even if you aren’t cleansing or doing a sage ceremony – check her out!

7. After the gateway areas and corners are done you can work your way through the entire space again from room to room using your intuition on how long you should stay in. The more you move the sage stick in wide circular motions the more it usually smokes but sometimes it is necessary to re-light it several times until it really gets smoking.

8. After you are done sage-ing (totally made up word) you need to make sure you put out the sage stick by either putting it into a bowl to snuff it out (which then you can reuse another time) or if you are in a rush you can always pour a lot of water on it but you might not be able to use the sage stick again.

9. You will literally notice a feeling of lightness and spaciousness in the space you saged. And likely people who don’t know that you have done this will walk in and say “it feels different in here.”

10. After saging you can take your ceremony to the next level by putting fresh flowers in your space and potentially even creating an alter with meaningful photos of people you love and things that you would like to focus and grow on.

Happy Sage-ing xx

p.s. We included the link above to our TD signature sage sticks but here it is again.

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