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Change your life with tonight’s Black Moon


Tonight’s moon is a rare lunar occurrence … we are being gifted the SECOND new moon of the month. And double the new moon magic means double the manifesting power.

The moon holds within her the essence of the divine feminine, and just like us, she has her own cycles, her own ebb and flow. It’s time to tune into her. This point in the lunar cycle marks a new beginning, what are you moving forward into? By tuning into the moon and her cycles, we can channel her powerful energy to create change in our lives.


Here are 4 things you can do to channel this energy:

 1. Dream Big … Like MASSIVE!

The new moon presents us with a time to get intentional and put our dreams and desires into action … and a second new moon means a second chance to make something happen that you’ve been hesitant about. Your dreams are realistic, no matter how big. Put this moon magic to use and get to manifesting! Release your fears of failure out into the universe and know that all will be taken care of. 

 2. Discover a balance between energy in and energy out

The moon tonight resides in the air element’s sign Libra. Tap into the vibes of this moon by embodying the wind … Flow through all areas of your life with ease. It’s time to recognize when you need to draw energy inward and sail gently vs when you need to extend energy out and sweep with passion. Life is all about balance, and Libra calls on us to acknowledge this. Move forward from a place that honours your different paced winds.

3. Shine your light + Speak your truth

The black moon receives its name by not being visible in the night sky, the side of the moon that is lit by the sun is facing away from the earth, making the sky darker tonight. When there’s no moon illuminating the sky, the stars appear to shine brighter. Take this as the moon’s message to you, she’s giving you the opportunity to shine as brightly as possible. Unsure how you can shine a little brighter? Start by speaking your truth. Tap into your throat chakra and unleash your authentic voice.

 4. Establish harmony and equality in your tribe

Who are the people that support you? Do they encourage you to be your best self? Do they urge you to follow your dreams? And do you do the same for them? It’s time to evaluate your treasured relationships, the ones you hold closest to your heart; you need to ensure that you’re giving as much as you’re getting (and vice versa). Surround yourself with people who align with your dreams and desires. You are amazing, and it would be a shame to lose yourself in the ones you love … find a balance between leaning on others and makin’ it work on your own.

Intentional tips & tricks for today’s moon:

Essential oil: Bergamot – Use this delicate citrus oil to soothe your soul. Add it to your bath, apply it to your pulse points, diffuse it, or burn your crystal candle.

Yoga pose: Camel Pose (Ustrasana) – Allow this pose to fill you with expansive energy as you open your throat chakra and bend that beautiful back of yours

Mantra: “I am limitless!” Go ahead – declare it to yourself (and to the universe). You have the ability to manifest your heart’s desires; remember that now and always. 

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