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Conquer Negative Energy: Smudging 101

Conquer Negative Energy: Smudging 101

PALO SANTO WOOD: Benefits, How to Use It & Where to Buy

If you want to get rid of negative energy from your space, palo santo wood is your best choice for such activity. This activity is known as smudging.

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is derived from a tree, Bursera graveolens. This tree is indigenous to the coastal region of South America. It is prevalent in Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, and other South American countries.

It is famous for the spiritual practices of warding off evil spirits from the immediate environment. However, it is used for other medicinal purposes, including pain relief, stress relief, and suppressing inflammation.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of palo santo, how you can use it to cleanse your house, how you can distinguish the fake one from the real one, and where to get the original palo santo woods.

5 Outstanding Benefits of Palo Santo Wood

Palo Santo Wood is beneficial to human existence. It has proven to advance the spirituality of particular sets of humankind. Below are some benefits you derive from using palo santo woods.


1.     It reduces pain

Overtime, palo santo is being used to treat specific physical ailments. It is effective in treating illnesses such as arthritis, headache, and joint pain. It contains some substances that relieve your pain and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Although there is no scientific proof to support this claim, belief has it that such benefit has been derived.


2.     It enhances meditation

If you conduct daily meditation as part of your ritual, burning palo santo will help you achieve the best from your meditation. Its aroma activates the brain smelling sense to release chemicals that will make you calm.

This brings you a relaxed mind. A mind focused on clarity, concentration, and positive energy to meditate effectively. It enables you to connect with the divine source of your being.


3.     It brings spiritual purification.

People from the mountainside of the South American coast believe that burning palo santo purifies one’s soul. They believe that it clears the negative energy from its immediate environment, brings peace and calmness.


4.     It enhances creativity

If you are working in an environment with a constant demand for productivity, burning palo santo helps you unleash creativity at its peak. Its warm scent makes your body feel more relaxed and gears your brain to do more.

It creates an environment that makes your brain function at its peak every time.


5.     It wades off unwanted insects.

Palo santo can scare off insects from your home. Its essential oil has an insecticide substance that makes it impossible for insects to hang around. If you want to ward off insects without harming them, use palo santo.


How Do I Cleanse my House with Palo Santo?

Purifying your house with palo santo is a sacred act. Belief has it that it clears negative energy from the area you are cleansing. With that, you create a lively environment for every natural material around the room.

This act is referred to as smudging. You can include it in your routine.


5 Steps Involved in Using Palo Santo to Cleanse Your House


1.     Have an intention in mind

This is the first and the most important step in using palo santo to cleanse your house. Without this, you may not achieve your purpose. Make sure to have it in mind that you want to get rid of negative energy from your space and mind.


2.     Light the stick

After establishing your intention, light the stick using a candle. Place it at a slant angle that makes the lit end facing upward. Let it burn for about thirty seconds to one minute. Then blow it out with care.


3.     Spread the flame by waving the stick

Now, pick up the stick and wave it around where you want to cleanse. Be it your bedroom, living room, library, kitchen, or garage until the flame is evenly distributed in the whole area. Remember that smudging requires that you take the smoke to every corner of the space. Make sure to do that.


4.     Put on a heat-resistant material.

Do this when you are not holding the stick. Place it in a strategic place that will make the flame get evenly distributed. The stick will release flame for about five minutes after that.


5.     Pray to palo santo or your deity and push in the positive energy.

While you are conducting this process, you can make it happen faster by prayer to palo santo to clear negative energy. Otherwise, you can pray to your ancestors if you have one. Meanwhile, establish positive energy from your physical equivalence.

This makes you create a balance for the whole process. Speaking your intention into existence is effective at this stage.

However, be careful while working with fire.


How Do You Identify Fake Palo Santo?

Due to the outstanding benefits derived from using palo santo, it is not news that there are fake palo santo woods out there. You won't be able to identify them without quality information on knowing a fake palo santo.

Below are four important things you should look out for as you purchase palo santo.


1.     Burning time

Real palo santo doesn’t burn out quickly. You have to flame it to achieve your purpose because it burns slowly. Real palo santo can last for two to four days, but the fake ones burn out at once. They burn easily.


2.     Stick hardness

Real palo santo is soft. The sticks break easily when hit with a knife or cutting tool. When you break the real one, the fragrance from the wood surrounds you. On the other hand, the fake ones are hard to cut. They do not smell like palo santo upon breaking.

Palo santo’s fragrance gets released from the inside.


3.     Colour of the smoke

When you burn real palo santo, the flame immediately turns white after burning. But the smoke color remains black for the fake ones. Likewise, you perceive the smell of burnt wood.


4.     Wood color

The real woods are darker and have oil streaks that hold the fragrance. On the other hand, the fake ones smell like burnt wood. They have no scent.


What Stores Sell Palo Santo?

There is an increase in demand due to the endless benefits derived from palo santo. As such, the fake (counterfeit) market is growing as well. While it may be challenging to identify the real woods, you mustn't buy the fake.

Tiny Devotions understand the pain and cheat you feel due to that. As such, we assume responsibility to provide you with REAL palo santo. If you are within California and its surrounding areas, Tiny Devotions is your solution provider.

You don't have to worry about the differentiation because we give you the best and the real palo santo woods.

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