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Day 11/14 of Self Love :: 5 Tips for Deeper Sleep

While carving out an extra few hours for sleep each night might seem like a daunting task – if you feel that getting more sleep will help you be the best version of yourself, check out these 5 tips below. We can’t always have 12 hours a night to rest – but we can maximize the time we have by sinking into a deeper, more restful sleep each night.

1. Set – and follow – a bedtime routine

Train your body and mind to unwind with a relaxing wind-down routine. Whether this is a 2 hour total body relaxation experience, or a 20 minutes you take, the importance of making rest a priority will permeate into the rest of your life.

Bedtime routine ideas:

    1. Steep a cup of chamomile tea
    2. Write it down – jot a list of pressing to-dos for the next day (so your mind doesn’t have to keep racing over them all night)
    3. Take 10 minutes for a restorative yoga flow
    4. Connect to and honour your body for getting you through a day with self-massage

2. Turn the Lights Down Low

The blue light from your laptop + smartphone has been known to mess with your sleep! Staring at this type of light for prolonged periods suppresses your body’s ability to make melatonin – which helps you sleep. Make your bedroom a tech-free zone for at least two hours before you need to be sleeping.

3. Sleep + Wake up at the same time each day

Consistency is key! This may be the hardest change to make. If you live for long slow sleep-ins on the weekend, or if bursts of creative energy keep you up all night – you are not prepping for deep sleep. The best way to teach your body to fall into a deep sleep each night is to train it when to fall asleep, and when to wake up.

4. Meditate

Studies show that people who meditate for an average of 20 minutes a day experience greater improvements in sleep quality, less insomnia and less fatigue than those who don’t.

5. Turn down the thermostat

Science says that sleeping in a cooler room can help you sleep! Our body temperatures rise and fall naturally throughout the day – but tend to be lowest when are bodies are in a state of deep sleep. Recreating this environment by ensuring your bedroom is cool can help your body get to that lower temperature faster, helping you sleep deeper!



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