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Day 8/14 of Self Love :: Declutter Your Space

Imagine yourself waking up to your most ideal morning routine. In this fantasy, you wake well-rested and have all the time in the world. You decide to put off answering emails and checking your social media accounts. Instead, you choose to dive into a deep, slow meditation for 10 minutes. When you rise, you reach for a glass of water with fresh lemon, and step into a long, hot shower. As you step out of the steam, grabbing a fresh, fluffy towel, you look at yourself in the mirror and know that today is going to be awesome.

Now take a moment to reflect on what your mornings really look like. When you wake to your alarm blaring you are instantly aware of the sleep you didn’t get, and the time you don’t have, and so the feelings of stress and rush come flooding back in. You lay in bed scrolling instagram for a few too many minutes. You peer over the edge of your bed to the pile of laundry you left on your chair last night and wonder what you’ll be able to find that’s clean and wearable.

You take a quick, lukewarm shower and step out of tub. You reach for your towel, and notice that it’s still where you left it yesterday, in a damp puddle in the corner of your bathroom. You brave the freezing cold to rush to the linen closet – you didn’t get your laundry done but a face cloth will have to do. As you re-enter the bathroom, you look in your mirror and get ready to face the day. Only, your toothpaste cap is missing, your makeup is in a bottomless bag and you can’t find your hairbrush.

We all know how wonderful it feels to come back from a weekend away, or to wake up after a night out and feel the energy of a spotless and clutter free home. We know that cleaning and tidying makes us feel good, and we know how it can affect our mood to be in a serene and contemplative space. What you may not have thought about are the negative consequences when you haven’t made time to tidy, clean and organize.

Waking up and coming home to a messy space can become a metaphor for brain fog and overwhelm that we carry with us throughout our lives.

Prioritize your mental space – take some time to declutter today, and imagine how good you will feel tomorrow morning. xx

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