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Day 9/14 of Self Love :: Giving Back

When we are really struggling to accept and love ourselves as we are, it may seem counter-intuitive to think about giving back to others.

In fact, when we are most depleted, giving to others can be a great way to reinvigorate ourselves, put things in our life into perspective, and start to feel good about the good that we can bring to the world.

Volunteering can be a form of Self-Love:

  • It gives a sense of purpose – you are helping a community and making a difference for someone other than yourself. You can become part of a bigger cause and do something that really matters.
  • It takes the focus away from yourself – keeping busy serving others can distract your mind from the cycle of negative thoughts

It makes you feel good – volunteering your time or donating to a good cause can be very rewarding. While we aren’t in it for the accolades, there is something to be said for the boost of joy you get when you know that you are helping, and making a difference for the better.

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