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Everything You Need To Know About the Tiger’s Eye Stone

Everything You Need To Know About the Tiger’s Eye Stone

Mala beads are used to guide the wearer towards self-realization and to reach deeper spiritual realms. Gemstones, crystals, and quartz help the wearer to attract certain energies that they need at a particular time of their life. It guides the wearer to get through tough and dark times. Many gemstones also hold different healing powers whether spiritual, emotional, mental and to a certain extent, physical.

One of the most sought after the stone is the Tiger’s Eye. It is a very powerful stone that is used to have confidence in any decision making and courage to face any conflict. It is a gemstone that provides protection to the wearer.

Here are some facts and information you need to know about Tiger’s Eye.


What is Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye is a chatoyant gemstone that is known for its rich layers of golden brown color and silky luster. It is a variety of microcrystalline quartz which was formed as layers of crocidolite, blue asbestos, and was later replaced by Chalcedony Quartz and maintained the shaped of asbestos fiber. The name tiger’s eye came from the cat’s eye effect of the stone, which elicit optical reflectance. It also resembles the eye of a tiger or a cat.

Tiger’s eye is also believed to bring good luck to the wearer. During the ancient time, soldiers carry tiger’s eye to protect them in any harm during battles. Whether for deflecting weapon or helping soldier to be brave during battles. This gemstone regards to an all-seeing, all-knowing eye, which is believed to give the wearer the capability to observe everything even behind closed doors. Egyptians specifically chose the Tiger’s eye to represent the eye of the deity in statues to express divine vision.

This gemstone derived its power from the sun and earth combined. Ra, the sun god, and Geb, the god of the growing land bring stability and awareness to the wearer. It is mysterious, at the same time powerful. The stone is admired by its marvelous golden ray and reflective chatoyant layers.

Why Wear Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s eye is worn by people who are seeking balance and harmony in life. It helps the wearer be in control of their choices. It is a very flexible mala that can be paired with any other stone. It also has the ability to amplify and magnify energies of any quartz, crystal, or stone. When paired with your favorite quartz, expect a boost in the stone’s effect on you.

This stone is very protective and powerful. It was traditionally carried as a talisman to ward off bad spirits and curses. Tiger’s eye has been used as protective home decorations to ward off ill wishes.  Unlike other protective stones, such as black tourmaline or carnelian, Tiger Eye has the ability to provide balance chakras, clear emotions, and peaceful mind.

The Tiger’s eye is a very attractive gemstone and people are drawn for its rich chatoyant layers. The colors of the tiger’s eye represent power, confidence, intelligence, and daring.

Uses and Benefits of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a one-of-a-kind gemstone. It helps improve self-growth, help the wearer focus, gives off positive mood, and turn wearer as ambassadors of goodwill. It has numerous benefits and uses. Here are some ways Tiger’s eye help people in their daily lives.

  1.     Tiger’s Eye Brings Insight and Ideas

For people who are getting through tough times and facing great conflict, this gemstone is perfect to give the wearer courage and confidence in decision making. It helps the wearer to have a clear mind. As an all-knowing and all-seeing stone, it aides the wearer to see two sides of the decision, understand the cause and effect of any situation and decisions. The sharpness of the Tiger’s Eye helps the wearer to see things clearly and in detail. The stone promotes mental clarity and provides support in decision making. Besides decision making, it also boosts the mind to have creative juices and helps to utilize talents and abilities.

  1.     Gives courage and Dispels Fear

Tiger's eye is surely the courage boost people need to act upon their choices because it dispels fears. It also helps to overcome fear and provide determination during exams, competitions, public performances, or any presentation. It gives a boost in confidence for those who are seeking for new opportunities and venturing into new business ideas. During ancient times, tiger’s eye was linked with the magical tiger providing bravery and courage to soldiers in battle. It creates a sense of security and courage to any wearer.

  1.     Tiger’s Eye for Meditation

Yoga practitioners choose the tiger’s eye for meditation because it initiates high-vibrational state that helps the wearer to be grounded, peaceful, and highly conducive for out-of-the-body travel or mind travel. It also assists any form of moving meditation, such as tai chi and walking meditation. It allows the body to move into a state of bliss. It helps the mind to stay in focus and reach a tranquil state of mind. It guides the wearer into spiritual realms for visions and insights of a personal or even global nature.

  1.     Tiger’s Eye Color Energy

The gold rays of tiger’s eye symbolize success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power. It is reflective of the ability of the animal tiger. It is the traditional color of kings, riches, and the sun. The different shades of gold elicit a different kind of energies for the body. Gold, in general, touches the deep part of the mind to traverse mystical places and adventure. Light gold crystals symbolize cheerfulness, contentment, and simple life pleasures. On the other hand, dark gold provides a sense of devotion and commitment. It helps the wearer to have life-long enthusiasm and zeal for care and love. The brown rays in tiger’s eye ground the wearer to the natural world. It gives off a homey and earthy feeling which allows the self to reconnect and gain composure.

  1.     Tiger’s Eye Provide Will Power

For individuals facing slumps and blocks, tiger’s eye helps the wearer to have will power to do anything. It is especially helpful for people who are ongoing lifestyle changes. It gives the wearer emotional stability and energy to go through any changes. It helps the wearer overcome cravings and help decrease the needs for binge-eating, excessive cigarettes, prescription drugs or alcohol. The courage and will power the tiger’s eye provides, helps the wearer to reduce feeling anxious, isolated, and inadequate.  

  1.     For good luck and good fortune

Tiger’s eye is also a stone for good luck and good fortune. Entrepreneurs and businessmen seek this stone to have a steady flow of money to the home. It is also ideal for individuals who want to venture into a new business, startups, and those building up skills and knowledge base for major career changes in the future. In ancient times, tiger’s eye has been used as an amulet against evil curses, ill wishes, and bad luck. It is a talisman for bringing wealth and good fortune.

Healing Abilities

Similar to other gemstones, tiger’s eye also possesses certain healing abilities. The earth energies of the stone help increase self-understanding and grounding during a chaotic situation. It also helps improve spiritual connections. The following section describes how the tiger’s eye to help in healing the spiritual and the emotional


Tiger’s eye is believed to be the vision of the self to the spiritual realm. When placed on the “third eye” it is believed that the stone can open psychic talents. It makes the wearer remember a dream and enter into a spiritual realm. It enables the wearer to use Dreamtime for spiritual advancement, sparking imagination, and intuition. Tiger’s eye also has abilities to balance the yin and yang energies. It stimulates the kundalini energy to bring joyful enthusiasm. The warm and stable energy of the stone is used for prayers and meditations. The constant vibration and frequencies from earth allow the wearer to be in contact with the ‘Christ consciousness’. It elicits peacefulness and beauty. It gets some of its power from the sun which works as nourishment for the soul.


Tiger’s eye is all about bringing balance and soothing conflict. One of the most powerful abilities of the stone is to give a clear mental state. A clear mental state allows the wearer to be fair and see the right and wrong in any situation. Because of this ability, the wearer can clearly see the viewpoints in any conflicts resulting in a more harmonious environment. It is a powerful stone for meditators to balance out an issue, find common ground, and eventually pass through a difficult negotiation. It eases any tensions in relationship and lets the wearer understand the opposing sides. It also helps balance emotional extremes and let the self recollect her emotions. It is also powerful enough to counter feelings of jealousy, willfulness, pride, and other internal battles. Another benefit of the tiger’s eye is it helps the mind to be aware of one’s needs as opposed to mere wants, it also creates a better understanding of other’s needs.

All throughout history, gemstones, crystals, quartz, and malas have guided people in their daily lives. Whether for good fortune, good luck, balance, grounding, love, passion, or any other wishes, stones have provided assistance to the living world. The best way to utilize the ability of tiger’s eye or any stones, in general, is to pair it up with hard work. These stones guide people’s lives but not necessarily mean this is the end all be all answer to all the problems. The stones aide and provide support to the wearer as long as the wearer believes and opens her mind and heart to the changes and energy the stones attracts.

Tiger's Eye is the power gemstone for the sun sign Leo due to it's fierce and fiery nature and aesthetic,

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