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Full Moon Releasing Ritual

This Monday, June 20th brings a Full Moon, which is a time in the Lunar Cycle that is best for letting things go. Whether they be emotions, compulsions, or just things that no longer serve you, we want to assist you in clearing your life of these negative energies + making room for new intentions that will come with the New Moon.

Let’s start with a run down on the moon phases. There are 6 different Moon phases each with their own magical astrological significance.

FullMoon1The New Moon: Represents fresh starts and new possibilities. A great time to set new intentions for what you want to manifest in your life. Set new routines, change up your yoga practice, or develop new affirmations.

First Quarter: often referred to as the Half Moon. This is often a trial + error period, but keep your vibes positive, this testing time is helping you to realign yourself in order for your intentions to manifest.

Waxing Moon: This is a time when you will likely experience the most growth and action. Results will come about in this time, keep your arms + heart open to these changes.

Full Moon: When the moon is completely circle. It is an excellent time to release the things that no longer serve you. The things you no longer need, the things that are getting in the way of the manifestation of your dreams. The things that are no longer supporting your journey. A perfect time to let go of the aspects of yourself that you have outgrown.

Waning Moon: As the moon wanes your energies and thoughts begin to turn inward. This is a good time for self reflection: are you on the correct path, are you doing things that make your soul happy? Are you working towards the manifestation of your dreams? Are you living your life with the proper intentions?

Third Quarter: A good time to rest and recuperate, wind down before the next New Moon. A good time to get your intentions in order, a good time to clear out the “dead weight.” To tap into your hidden gems that have become uncovered from the shedding of things that no longer serve you.

What does the Full Moon mean to us?

We want to shed our fears, anger and self criticism, and make room for new intentions + a more positive outlook. We want to reconnect with our inner goddess, re-establish our strength and get in touch with our inner wisdom.

Why is it a good time to release things from your life that no longer serve you?

By this time you have gone through the trial + error period, and it is becoming clear to you what is working for you. What is making your soul smile? Is what you are doing powered by intention  and leading you the right direction on your path? By this point in the moon cycle you should be clear on these answers. You will find that you want to let go of the things that aren’t working for you.

Everyone’s Full Moon Releasing Ritual is different, but here is what works for us.

We invite you to follow along with our full moon releasing ritual to help you let go of the things that no longer serve you. Here is what you will need:

1) Create a sacred space that has significance to you. This might be a small quiet space with some of your favourite gemstones or adornments, for the Full moon you will want this space to be outside.
2) Have a candle or materials to make a small, controlled fire. (as well as a fire resistant dish to place the paper in)
3) You will also need a paper + pen, on this page you will write down what it is you want to let go, it can be more than one emotion, or thought that you are trying to release. We have provided a printable page perfect for writing what you want to release on.
4) Add your name and the date on the page.
5) Take a deep breath and announce to yourself that you are ready & allowing yourself to let this go.
6) Throw the folded note into the fire, or light it with the candle and place it in the fire resistant bowl.
7) Watch as the paper burns. Sit in silence for a few moments, once the paper is completely burned this will allow room for creativity and inspiration. Allow these ideas to flow freely as you begin to prepare for the New Moon.

This ritual allows us to truly let go of the things that no longer serve us, and open us up to new opportunities. Follow your intuition and your energy. Happy releasing + happy manifesting.

Click on the image below for your own Summer Solstice Releasing Ritual downloadable!


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