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Girls night in DIY: Canopy Tent

Canopies are our go-to trick for transforming any room into a stress-free sanctuary. Create a space that inspires the life you want and bring positivity into your home by creating a DIY Canopy Tent! Follow along to learn how you can easily create your own:

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.56.55 PM


First, find a spot to assemble the canopy, like over your bed, above a reading nook, or in a cozy meditation spot. A spot with low or angled ceilings also makes it much easier to get everything in place.

Tie + pin your tapestries together. Find a spot you want to hang them from and secure the tapestries to the wall with a nail or twine in each corner.

Repeat until you have a fully enclosed canopy, gather your fave cozy essentials and your besties, and get ready for an epic girls night in!

Click here to Download + print your own Canopy Tent Checklist


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