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How to Set your Intentions Using Mala Jewelry

How to Set your Intentions Using Mala Jewelry

Setting intentions can be challenging during these hectic and busy times. People are always in a rush to complete tasks, meet deadlines and do household chores. We are caught in this whirlwind of activities that we sometimes feel like are losing touch with our intentions. When we start to lose focus, we also start having negative feelings, thoughts and our energy to pursue our dreams begin to dissipate.

The intention is considered as a beginning point of every aspiration. A person who has set his intentions has the creative power to fulfill his needs whether it is for relationships, financial needs, spiritual awakenings, healing or love. Setting your intentions is a powerful tool to help you achieve fulfillment and happiness. 

Everything in the universe happens because of an intention. When you decide to call a friend, buy a present or wiggle your toes. It all starts with an intention. It provides us with an insight into our aspirations, values, and purpose. Setting an intention allows you to live the present moment while gearing towards new goals and achievements. Our goals are the outcomes that we desire, setting an intention is a step we can make for us to experience peace and achievement, even if we did not reach our goals. 

The Purpose of Setting Intentions

As you set intentions for the day and saying them out loud, it aligns with the mind and the heart to create a meaningful purpose to complete your day. Each morning, you should set your intentions for the day so that you will stay focused even when there is turmoil all around you. Start your morning by energizing your intentions with the help of healing stones and mala jewelry as you do meditation practice. Doing this will ensure that there is a space to manifest the intentions for the day. You can also make your intentions your mantra and you can repeat this throughout the day to stay centered on your goals. 

Making powerful intentions begins with goals that are set to align with your values, purpose, and aspirations. Intentions have no or little power if you have no valid reason for why you want to achieve it. Take note of your thoughts as you follow the steps in creating goals that will provide meaning to your days.  

Intention Setting with Mala Jewelry

Using the four elements to set an intention with mala jewelry is a wonderful way to strengthen its power. Each element is connected with certain qualities which can be explored to augment specific intentions. Using elements can be done for setting an intention as well as for cleansing and recharging of the mala. Choose an element that represents your astrological sign or one that aligns with your intention. Allow your feelings to guide you and feel free to adapt the rituals in ways that work for you. 

Earth Rituals for Intention Setting

This ritual is usually done to invite qualities of stability, abundance, growth, discipline, physical healing, grounding, strength, and logic. Take your mala with you outside. Walk across fields and grasslands. Allow your mala to soak up the energies of Mother Nature as you let it rest on natural surfaces such as grass, wood and the bare earth. 

Visualize your intentions growing into your mala like the roots of the trees digging into the earth. Focus on earthy colors like brown, clay or shades of green to boost the qualities of earth elements. 

Air Rituals for Intention Setting

Utilize a standing bell or singing bowl to immerse the mala with the acoustic vibrations that it makes. Bless your mala by doing the pranayama ritual. Infuse your intentions into your mala as you consciously breathe with it. Think of your intentions as it fills your mala like the fresh breeze fills up a room. Air elements are best symbolized by the pastel colors, white and yellow. This ritual is done to invite qualities of communication, expression, new beginnings, curiosity, wanderlust, understanding, independence, and creativity. 

Fire Rituals for Intention Setting

Practice fire-gazing is one of the oldest known rituals of meditation of early yoga practitioners. Visualize and seal your intention into your mala beads by letting the dancing flames induce you in a meditative state. Reds, shades of orange and vibrant pink are colors that are best associated with the fire element. This ritual is done to invite qualities of passion, assertion, determination, transformation, confidence, willpower, protection and strength.  

Water Rituals for Intention Setting

Bring with you your mala to a lake, the ocean or a crystal-clear spring. Listen to the calming sound of the water, swooshing, gurgling and splashing. Visualize your intentions as it flows into your mala like a stream of energy. The shades of blue, azure, teal and turquoise are best associated with the water element. This ritual is done to invite qualities of intuition, empathy, balance, harmony, spirituality, renewal, compassion, self-love, emotional well-being and healing. 

Incorporating Mala Jewelry With Your Intention Setting Practice

Setting an intention is easy. You can choose any goal that you want to achieve and seal its energy inside your mala. Whenever you touch or meditate during the day, you will be reminded of the goals you’ve set. By having focus on what you want to achieve, you are also aligning earthly energies to help you realize your dreams. 

You can start incorporating your mala with your intention setting practice by taking the time to connect with it. Keep your mala close to accustom to its vibrations, align with it and charge it with your personal energies. You can wear it during the day and keep it beside you as you sleep to connect with it on a subconscious level. Be clear about your intention and consider the things or qualities you want to manifest and invite in your life. 

When you are ready, choose a ritual that you are comfortable with and infuse your intentions using it. It can be a simple meditation with a clear visualization of all the details of your goals. Keep in mind that visualization is a powerful tool for intention setting. With this, you are looking into the desired outcome of the situation as if it is already the reality. 

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