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How Vision Boards Help You Manifest Your Intentions

How Vision Boards Help You Manifest Your Intentions

Some call them treasure maps or a collage of your dreams, but it is commonly known as a vision board. This powerful visualization tool actually refers to any kind of board containing a collage of words and pictures representing your dreams and goals. Vision boards can be bought from a professional supplier to can be made from scratch using cork or poster boards.

Placing representations of goals and dreams in one space makes it easy to visualize them. Remember to look at your vision board daily and image them as if they have already happened. This is the best way of activating the Law of Attraction.

Using Vision Board for Goal Setting

Photo by Form on Unsplash

Photo by Form on Unsplash

Goals should always be kept on top of the mind for you to be motivated to reach for it. A vision board is a great tool to keep you reminded to find ways to move closer to your dreams. Placing a vision board where you can see it every day will prompt you to visualize your goals and ideal situation regularly. This is very important as visualization activates the powers of the subconscious mind creatively and it programs the brain to take notice of available resources around you. And through the Law of Attraction, visualizing your dreams will also draw and attract you to the right people, opportunities and resources that will help you achieve your goals.

Practicing visualization every day will make you more motivated to reach your goals. There will be unexpected things that you will do for you to move you closer to this ideal life. You might soon find yourself taking on more responsibility at work or sharing your thoughts during staff meetings, being more direct when asking for something that you want and taking more risks in both professional and personal life. All these can lead to bigger and better pay-offs.

How To Create a Vision Board of Your Dreams

Your vision board should be filled with the pictures of the feelings, items, experiences that you’d want to draw into your life. This can be a fun process as you any use any pictures from magazines, photographs, cutouts and whatever inspires you. Let your creativity flow with this one.

Do not limit yourself in using images, find anything that connects with you and your dreams. You may include a photo of you in a very joyous moment. Post inspirational words, affirmations, thoughts, and quotations. Choose images and words that make you feel good and inspires you.

Your vision board can depict your dreams and goals in certain areas of your life that you are focusing on, or on all areas in general. Be selective of the things you post in your board to keep it neat. Best to avoid creating a chaotic and cluttered board. There is beauty in being simple and clear so use only those items and words that best represent your ideal future, your purpose and those that inspire positive emotions. Too many items on your board can be distracting and it will be harder to focus on.

If you are visualizing changes in various areas of your life, then there might be a need for more vision boards. You can have a vision board for personal goals as well as for professional goals. Whatever you decide on, the best to visualize your ideas to reality is to use it regularly.

To help you out in creating your vision board, here are six simple steps for creating an empowering vision board -

  • Make a list of the goals you want to achieve in the coming year

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

Know what your goals are by spending some time to be clear about what you want your ideal life to be like. Know the things you need to accomplish in the next months to bring you closer to your goals.

  • Collect beautiful images

Don’t fret if you are not a magazine reader. You may ask your friends to give away a magazine that they no longer read. You may also find a few old copies for a few cents from a thrift store. Or you may print them out from the internet.

  • Choose pictures that represent your dreams and inspires you

Allot a couple of hours over the weekend to go through your pile of pictures and cut out those that speak to your heart meaningfully. You may play fun music while choosing your photos to come up with real vibrant images. Look for those that make you say - “This is what I want in life!” It may not be the literal or physical representation of what you want but focus on how the images make you feel.

  • Make a Collage of the Photos

Once you’ve had enough images, words, and photos, it is time to make a collage and build your vision board. You can buy a large piece of poster paper, cork board or construction paper from a craft store. Use glue, tape or tacks to arrange your items in a way that visually pleases you.

  • Use “Affirmation Words”

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

Your vision board should not focus on the “stuff” but on how you want to really feel. Thus, it is advisable to add words of affirmation to describe how you want to feel such as - abundant, loved, joyful or financially free.

Make a list of the words that best describe how you’d want to feel. You may search for these words in the magazine, write or print them out. Add these to your vision board to make it even more visually attractive.

  • Contemplate on Your Vision Board Everyday

Get the full benefits of having a vision board by using it to visualize daily. Place the board somewhere you can see every day and take a few moments to look at it once or two times a day. Some people gaze at their board for morning visualization to motivate them for their busy day and at night before going to sleep.  

  • Using Your Dream Board

Use your vision board as your dream board. Place it on a nightstand or attached to the wall next to your bed. Spend time each morning and evening to visualize, affirm, believe and internalize your goals or dreams. Visualizing your dreams in the evening is very powerful as the images and affirmations before you fall to sleep will be replayed in your subconscious - through the night. Then you will begin your day with vibrations of images and thoughts - creating a potential match for your dreams and ideal future.

Over time, your dreams will soon manifest. Acknowledge that it is at work, don’t remove the images that you’ve already achieved - they are powerful reminders of the things you’ve drawn and attracted to your life.

You may also write down the date you’ve made your vision board and be amazed at how fast the law of attraction responds to the commitment, energy, motivation, and desires you have to make your goals happen.

Using a Mala to Manifest Your Intentions

What are your dreams? Your goals?
Take a minute. Think about it. Get intentional.
Mala beads are more than just accessories. They’re meditation tools that have been used for thousands of years. They encourage us to pause, breathe and realign with our deepest intentions. They motivate us to invest in moments of self-care and compassion. They’re our spiritual forget-me-nots.
Using mala beads to set intentions is a powerful way to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals.

How to Set Your Intentions

1. Dig deep.
There are two critical questions you must ask yourself when setting intentions:
What do I want? How do I want to feel?

Our feelings provide insight into our true desires. When we craft our intentions based on our true desires we start to align with our purpose and things really start to sparkle. Use your feelings as a compass when crafting intentions. Then get clear in your mind about what it is you want and how it is you want to feel.

2. Write it down.
Once you can clearly visualize your intentions, write them down. Make this a sacred practice. Light some candles, play some mellow music and get cozy. Make sure what you write is affirmative and empowering. For example, instead of “I want to lose 10 pounds by Christmas,” try something like, “I want to feel healthy, strong and radiant this holiday season.” When we write our intentions down we make them real, we give them power.

3. Share it.
Open up and share your intentions with the world. When we feel supported, we feel empowered, confident and radiant. You never know who out there can help you manifest your dreams. There’s strength in numbers. Don’t be shy. Open your heart and raise your voice.

4. Wear it.
Wear your mala during your intention setting process and daily as a reminder of your goals and dreams. When you feel overwhelmed or anxious, take hold of the guru stone and feel the energy of the healing crystals guiding you to peace.

5. Release + Trust.
Surrender your intentions to the universe. Once you’ve written them down and shared them, let them go. Check-in with your intentions frequently, but don’t become obsessed with specifics. Trust that the universe has got your back.

6. Check in.
Remind yourself daily of your intentions. Develop a spiritual ritual for yourself. Maybe it’s a morning meditation or an evening yoga practice. Use this time to count your blessings and align with your intentions.

Another powerful resource for creating your own vision board is Desygner. The have tons of templates and incredible tools to help you on your journey. Visit them here:

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