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Howlite, The Gemstone of Awareness

Howlite, The Gemstone of Awareness

Howlite comes from borate mineral which is often polished and tumbled for fans and collectors. It was first discovered by Henry How in Nova Scotia in the 19th century. Howlite is usually white and porcelain-like gem but some gems are grey opaque or appear to be a porous stone with a black, grey or brown vein that looks like a spider web. This gem is often dyed with blue or green to look like the Turquoise gem or with red to resemble a Coral.

It is known in other names like Sacred Buffalo, White Buffalo, Silico Boro Calcite, White Turquoise, and Lapis Howlite. It is mined from various locations in the world but it is most often found in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia in Canada and Russia, USA, Mexico, Germany, Namibia, Turkey, and Pakistan.

Howlite and its Traits

Howlite is known as the stone of awareness and people who wants to achieve a better understanding of oneself, people, the world or life, in general, may use the stone for its powers.

People with the howlite stone lends a gift of enlightenment and wisdom. It connects you to a higher realm and removes veils that block the truth in your life. 

Having this gem during meditation helps one focus and achieve a clearer mind. It promotes serenity of thoughts and removes any distractions. It helps rid off stress and calms its owner.  Additionally, howlite is also known to give strength in getting over unhealthy attachments and other emotional pains from the past.

Howlite and Its Healing Energies

The energies of Howlite can provide healing support for physical and mental conditions. It also eases physical pains and muscle cramps. People with anxiety disorders and stress-related condition can also benefit from the healing powers of Howlite. 

The Blue Howlite soothes one’s active imagination and calms the mind. Sleeping issues which may leave you tired and irritable. Howlite is considered as a stone for sleeping and peaceful respite too. When used as a gem elixir before bedtime, this stone can help ease sleeping troubles like insomnia.

Howlite also has various other health benefits such as restorative powers for weakened bones. It helps in balancing calcium levels of the body and aids in the proper distribution of nutrients around the body. It is also good for the circulatory and endocrine system.

And because it is a stone for awareness, Howlite is also used as a memory enhancer and mood stabilizer. Students improve their learning abilities when this stone is used or place nearby.

Using Howlite for Best Results

Howlite is often used as components for jewelry like beads, carvings and decorative items.  It is often dyed to resemble other stones like turquoise and coral but it does not the healing properties that come with it.

When kept inside the pocket or purse, it absorbs negative feelings such as jealousy, anger, and spite. Owners can get rid of unhealthy thoughts and emotions. With howlite in your persona, you easily achieve a peaceful aura.

Caring for Your Howlite

This stone is soft and very vulnerable to strong cleaners as well as acidic perspiration. To care for your Howlite gem, washing it with lukewarm, soapy water is the best way to cleanse it. Make sure to dry with a soft cloth or cotton to remove soap and water residue. For dyed Howlite, make sure that it does not get wet. Wrap your jewelry in soft cloth and store in a pouch to protect it from getting scratched, crushed and bumped.

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