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If Holy Yoga is your thing… introducing malas for the Christian yogis!

Anyone know what Kombucha slushies and Christian yoga have in common? They are both allllll the rage right now.

Christian yoga!? Yup… it sounded like a bundle of contradictions for us when we first heard of it last year- but legit – it checks out. The bible IS the most stolen book in the world – and yogis are usually pretty rebellious (am I right?) or atleast “recovering from being rebellious”?

Anyways, our Jesus loving friends have been reaching out wanting some scripture and prayer inspired mala beads. And…. tah-dah! They are special 100 count beads to pray with or repeat a scripture with.

Mala beads, in their many forms, are beneficial for anyone who wants to deepen their connection to their higher purpose.  About a year ago we were introduced to a whole community of yogis who are are as devoted to their relationship with God as they are their yoga practice.  For many, yoga is a spiritual discipline similar to meditation, fasting and prayer, but for the Holy and Spirit Led yogis, much of their practice is focused on Jesus and worship along with their physical posture and breath work.

We’ve created 5 new sets of mala beads, or Christian prayer beads to inspire and elevate the meditation or yoga practice of the believers of our community.  Our full collection of Christian Mala beads can be found  here.




Have you done a Christian yoga class or Holy Yoga or Spirit Led Yoga class? If so RESPOND below and tell us about it as we are dying to give it a try!

P.S. Right now you can use code FREEMALA to get a free Black Onyx or Moonstone Mala with the purchase of any mala!  Just make sure you add your choice of free mala to your basket, or the code won’t work

P.P.S  We are currently running a customer survey, and would LOVE your input.  Click here if you’d like to participate 




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