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They did not disappoint!
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I've been looking for something special to wear to remind me that I am whole, powerful, and able. When I saw this Clarity Necklace at Tiny Devotions I knew this is what I wanted! They did not disappoint!

I love purple
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Beautiful purple color - vibrant and classy. Amethyst is my birth stone and I am a sucker for just about anything you guys make that's purple. :-D

Breathe only good things.
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Breathe only the good things in. Negativity out. Love my Inhale bracelet. Thanks, Tiny Devotions!

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Intuition: Cultivating And Trusting Inner Knowing

Posted by Emily Doyle on

We are fortunate to live in a day of age where so much emphasis is placed upon intuition. More so than other times in humanities history we are encouraged to “trust our gut”, “follow our intuition” and go with “what feels right”. The question becomes how do we learn to cultivate this inner knowing? Perhaps just as important, how do we trust this inner knowing?

As an Intuitive Therapist I’ve taught many how to expand their intuition as a foundation for a healthy and holistic life. I help others create practices that both keep intuition sharp and helps to build trust.

The good news is that you already are intuitive. Though we all have varying levels of strength, each of us beautiful humans come standard with an intuitive muscle. Now it is simply a matter of putting practices in place that train our intuitive muscle, ensuring it is strong and finely tuned; capable of providing invaluable clarity in our life.



Since we are already technically intuitive this is more of a coming home to oneself than it is becoming something we are not, or acquiring something new that we’ve never had before. Even if it was a dream we had that felt real, thinking of someone and then having them ring you days later, or feeling emotionally overwhelmed when you enter a crowded room and not knowing why, we have all received intuitive insights throughout our life. Chances are, if you think you are not intuitive, the reality is you have a weaker intuitive muscle.

When our intuitive muscle is weak we find we get “flashes” of intuition that come from out of nowhere. In the modern sense, cultivating intuition is strengthening this muscle so we receive guidance more consistently and on demand when the need arises.

Here are three ways to substantially train your intuition so that it becomes a stronger and more present force within your life.

1. Meditation

Our brains, the precious computers that they are, take in billions of bits of information at any given moment. Every detail taken in and sorted through in mere seconds to decipher what information is filtered out and which is absorbed. Our systems, physical, emotional and mental need the spaciousness meditation provides. Not only for our overall well being but especially when it comes to the cultivation of intuition. Meditation helps us to slow down. To pause. These breaks from the fray help our bodies to take in information with a greater level of detail. We slow the process our brain does naturally at breakneck speeds so that we can assess. Most importantly when we meditate we quiet the brain and the body allowing us to receive. It’s in these moments of stillness that our intuition sees an opening to speaking to us.

2. Childsplay

As children we are naturally all more intuitive. Our beautiful minds have yet to tighten under the conditioning of what we are told we can and cannot do, and as such we see a world much more colorful and open then we tend to as adults. Getting in touch with this ever present, even if long buried, aspect of our self helps us to once again open to our intuition in a natural way. Playing games, using our imagination and engaging our never-ending curiosity are just a few ways that we can connect to our inner child and activate the wide eyed wonderment. We can see through the same eyes that we had as children as we engage in these simple exercises. Our inner child reminds us that intuition is a natural and vital part of our being. We simply need to come home to ourselves.

3. Study (active and passive engagement)

I have always known that I was intuitive but when I first began to consciously cultivate intuition I read everything I could get my hands on. Books, blogs, articles, teleconferences, webinars, you name it, if it was about intuition I devoured it. This passive engagement filled my mind with a great deal of insight on what intuition is, where it comes from as well as myriad ways I could activate my natural intuitive abilities. I learned about different types of intuition, and through this discovered my own strengths and weaknesses. From here I had information I could then put into active engagement in my life with practice, which I did often and consistently.

Practice, as it turned out, was perhaps the most vital aspect to all the work I did as I was consciously strengthening and working with my intuition. Practice is the means whereby we gain confidence in our ability. We begin to trust our inner guidance and most importantly trust yourself. Through practice we learn to discern between an “intuitive ping” as I call them and the ego. Practice is the means through which we not only gain confidence and thereby trust our intuitive insight but we also fine tune our gifts. A win-win!


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Laura Brown is an Intuitive Therapist who blends intuitive tools with traditional therapeutics to help others on their journey towards sustainable well-being. You can schedule your Intuitive Medicine Session or Manifest Session at Of Spirit & Bone. You can also receive daily readings and other musings by following Laura on Instagram

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