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January Babies: How to tap into abundance using your Birthstones

January Babies: How to tap into abundance using your Birthstones

January Gemstones: Garnet and Emerald

In the spiritual world, every month has one or more particular birthstones. These stones are, and people from ancient times also believed in the impact of these birthstones on their lives. They also have been using birthstones as a symbol of good luck, protection from evil, and good omen. This practice of using gemstones was persistent in almost all the cultures around the world and has become even more popular over time. 

People nowadays use the internet to find out the best and most suitable gemstone according to their date of birth. Many experts in the field keep posting their expert opinion to guide and facilitate them about gems as per their birth months.

Jewel and stone and experts of these gemstones have allocated each month stones, and January gemstones are garnet + emerald. There are two gemstones we can name as of January gemstones. Both of them are very popular among the people, and they choose them based on the difference between their colors and texture.


Emerald is a stone that you can find in beautiful dark green color in different sizes of your choice, such as here in our emerald Growth Mala Bracelet. The stone has a vibrant green color, and it is a beautiful color, and people have been associating it with nature and natural powers since ancient times. Moreover, it is the symbol of rebirth and love also in almost all the cultures. Gemstone experts call it the stone of Venus too. All these qualities make it a strong influence to promote rebirth, productivity, and yield in crops, livestock, and business.

Emerald has been the favorite stone of the royal in ancient Egypt. The most famous Egyptian monarch of all time, Cleopatra, has been wearing emeralds for good luck and prosperity. Since emerald is the symbol of rebirth and life, ancient Egyptians have been burying their mummies with a huge emerald don their body symbolizing rebirth. Most often, this emerald was a neck-piece with a symbol of greenery to depict eternal youth for them.  

People who are born in January have emerald as their birthstone. They can wear them for good luck and prosperity. The size of the stone does not matter; however, it must not be too tiny to even visible, and definitely, the bigger, the better.

Emeralds are mostly available in vivid green, but the prettiest ones reflect some blue hues too. These blue hues enhance their beauty, value, effect, and price. Emeralds mostly have birthmarks and are rarely perfect and free of these marks. However, these marks are the signature style of these beautiful gemstones for the people born in January.


The other birth gemstone for the people born in January is garnet. You can find it in almost all solid and vibrant colors. They are available in deep red, vibrant greens, funky oranges, bohemian yellow, and many more eye-catching shades. Some of our most stunning mala beads and bracelets are adorned with garnet and can be found here.

Garnets are good for peaceful sleep and protection from evil. People wear them to seek security against accidents and nightmares. However, people who are not born in January also love to wear these colorful stones in jewelry.


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