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June Birthstones: Pearl and Moonstone

June Birthstones: Pearl and Moonstone

We’ve celebrated Dads this June, but we’re also making special mention of two birthstones associated with the month: Moonstone and Pearl.

If you are born in the month of June, you are lucky to have three birthstones associated with your birth month! June gemstones range from the creamy colors of pearls and moonstones to the mysterious hues of alexandrite. They're lovely to wear as yoga jewelry when incorporated in precious Mala necklaces or bracelets.


Pearls are enchanting June birthstone which originates from our oceans, rivers, and lakes. It is a classy and timeless gem that is beloved by ladies young and old. The origin of Pearl has fascinated ascendants. Ancient people of the Middle East thought that pearls were teardrops from heaven, while Chinese people thought that it came from a dragon. Christopher Columbus and his friends thought that pearls were formed by mollusks from dew drops.

Among all the precious stones and gems, Pearls are the only ones created by a living organism. They are organic gems that form inside the tissues of a saltwater or freshwater mollusks. Pearls are naturally formed, but there are also cultured pearls created through human intervention. Cultured pearls are kept in pearl farms as years of pearl fishing has reduced natural pearl beds significantly.

Pearls have been associated with innocence, humility, and purity. Some say that the meaning of this birthstone is “sweet simplicity,” which is probably a result of early beliefs that pearls were indeed tears of angels.  

The pearl birthstone is thought to have healing properties, imbibe prosperity and bestow longer life to its owner. In Asian cultures, pearls are believed to alleviate hemorrhages and aid in digestion. Some Arab physicians also insisted that pearl power can help improve eyesight, ease depression and quiet down nervous tremors.  

Where are Pearls Found?

Pearls can be found in warm waters amid breath-taking scenery. Natural pearl-bearing mollusks thrive healthily in areas that are beautiful and far from civilization.

Presently, there are various saltwater cultured pearl farms around the world. Some of these farms are located off the coasts of Japan and China. South Sea cultured pearls are farmed off the coasts of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The black Tahitian pearls are cultured in the French Polynesia area somewhere near the Gambier Island and the Tuamotu Archipelago.  

Over the last 5000 years, natural pearls have been fished out of the Persian Gulf. Divers have started seeking for pearls from the Red Sea since 300 BCE, while the Strait of Mannar has been providing pearls as early as 2000 BCE. Large quantities of pearls were taken from the waters of Central America and Mexico  

Caring for Pearl Jewelry

Pearls require special care because it is a type of soft gem. When combined with other stones and materials in Mala necklaces and bracelets, the mala jewelry should not be dropped. Pearls can break or chip when they come in contact with hard surfaces.

Do not store pearls in a plastic bag as it may react with the chemicals in plastic and damage the surface. Apply perfume, body products, and cosmetics before putting on pearl jewelry. The best way to clean this gemstone is by using a damp soft cloth after it was worn.

Pearls represent generosity, loyalty, purity, as well as the integrity of the wearer.  It also symbolizes wisdom gained through years of experience and learning.

The stones are believed to attract good luck and wealth and are known to offer protection. Pearls are widely known for their calming effect and can balance your overall karma.

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Moonstone birthstones are a very popular gem from the feldspar minerals. They are known for their adularescence which refers to the light that seems to billow across the gemstone to give it a special kind of glow. The finest of moonstones have an iridescent blue glow amid a colorless background.

This June birthstone is associated with Roman and Greek moon gods. Moonstones are said to be made out of solidified moonbeams.

The moonstone birthstone carries a nourishing, deeply feminine and sensual energy that heals and brings you back to your wholeness. Often, moonstone is associated with passion, love, and fertility. Early people also believe that moonstones bring great luck and protection.

Where Can You Find Moonstones?

Moonstones can be found in various locations around the globe. There are areas in the United States such as North Carolina, New Mexico and Virginia where moonstones are mined. Other important locations for moonstones include Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar and Madagascar, and Tanzania.

Moonstones are fragile gems and they may crack when exposed to high heat. The best way to clean them is to use warm soapy water and gently brush if they need scrubbing.

Moonstones have always been mystical and associated with your inner goddess. It magnifies intuition and helps dispel fear and self-doubt. Moonstone is said to help encourage hope, strengthen intuition and carry with it the energy of the moon. It is believed to soothe stress and anxiety while it enhances intuitive sensitivity, dreams, and visions.

Moonstone is a charm devoted to creativity, it also reminds us to love without hesitations and without judgment.

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 June is a month for grand celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. It is a wonderful way to celebrate with June birthstones as people born in this month are lucky enough to have three gorgeous gems to choose from.

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