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Living in Alignment


Emotional and mental alignment are musts for living a rich and fulfilling life. By being in alignment, you allow oxygen, blood and energy to flow with ease, alleviating stress on the physical and subtle body. As with your body, when your thoughts, behaviours and actions are out of alignment with your intentions and life goals, stress is put on you mentally, emotionally and physically.
Our newest adornment is here to support you on your journey to inner alignment.


1. Patience: Nothing needs to be forced. Whether on or off the mat, know that you are exactly where you need to be. Find your flow. Be patient and present.

2. Kindness: Practice kindness with self and others. This will create alignment between personal values and actions.

3. Action: Define your goals. Write them down. Create an action plan to move you towards them. If you are moving in the direction of your life purpose, you are fulfilling your life purpose. This is alignment.

4. Let go: Take action, while letting go of the outcome. Loving action, for the sake of loving action.

5. Give: Give your time, your talent and your treasure. The more you give, the more you get.

6. Express: Express yourself through your yoga practice, your words, your writing or whatever method you choose for self-expression. Find your light and let it shine!

7. Practice: Practice these tips over and over again for mind + body alignment in all aspects of your life. Meditate with the Alignment Mala to serve as your reminder to be aware of your thoughts, watch where they flow, and imagine you already have what you want.

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