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They did not disappoint!
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I've been looking for something special to wear to remind me that I am whole, powerful, and able. When I saw this Clarity Necklace at Tiny Devotions I knew this is what I wanted! They did not disappoint!

I love purple
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Beautiful purple color - vibrant and classy. Amethyst is my birth stone and I am a sucker for just about anything you guys make that's purple. :-D

Breathe only good things.
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Breathe only the good things in. Negativity out. Love my Inhale bracelet. Thanks, Tiny Devotions!

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Lunar Journal

Posted by katelyn on

Bring mindfulness + gratitude into your daily life by journaling. Write, draw, doodle, discover yourself. Journaling is a powerful and therapeutic way to release emotions, declare your intentions + manifest your dreams.

Lunar Journal

Follow your dreams, and you’ll touch the stars. Just like the moon, you go through phases. The universe responds to your thoughts. By writing your intentions into your Lunar Journal, you begin manifesting your dreams into reality. What you imagine, you create. Ask for what you want and the universe will open doors where you thought there were only walls. The Lunar Journal features blank pages.

162 Blank Pages

6 Inches x 8 Inches

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