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Manifest with the New Moon

Channeling the Flow of the New Moon

What does this mean? The New Moon and the week leading up to the New Moon is a magical time to spark exciting beginnings, energetic projections and clairvoyance. It’s the perfect time to create space to reboot, renew and reset your desires + intentions. This is your time to journey inward.

New Moon rituals allow one to connect with their inner being, cultivating new goals + plans, while reflecting upon what no longer serves them. It’s your time to recharge your energy, create clarity, grounding and alignment.

6 New Moon Rituals that will Amplify your Intentions

Get Your Sage Ready
Sage your space to push negative energy out and make room for positive, fresh energy. Say out loud: “Dear Universe,
I welcome transformation, growth + abundance.
May I now clear this space so that my intentions can flow clearly from my heart onto paper.
I know what I need. I am ready.”


Have Crystal Candles on Hand
Light your Crystal Candle and write down what you are wanting to attract; hopes, dreams and desires, with a strong will  + meaning.


Bring Your Yoga Gear
Chandra Namaskar: 108 Moon salutations to honor our connection to the cooling, nourishing qualities of soma, the Moon. Get ready to flow.
Pick Your Manta

Choose a Mantra and guide yourself through a cleansing meditationChoose 5 cards from the Intention Deck that resonate with your feelings at this present moment and your intentions you’ve written down.

Set your Intentions

Feel them in your body. Read this list aloud to the New Moon, and thank the Gods + Goddesses for listening. Fold the paper you’ve written your list on and keep it in a sacred place so you can read it again when the Full Moon makes it’s next appearance.

Click here or on the image below to download + print your July 2016 Lunar Calendar. 

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