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Meditation for Letting Go

Before you practice this meditation, I want you to consider this:

You’re not just letting go, you’re also letting in.

When we experience a loss, our fear programming can really get us into a headlock and we can allow it to blind us from the excitement.

Yes, there is loss, grief, and sadness with letting go.

But what about the freedom, excitement and the anticipation and the endless possibilities that await you? That is real too! Letting go is truly about giving yourself freedom and space.

This meditation will help you clear your attachments, and THIS is what will help you let go with ease and live a life of personal freedom.

For the best results, practice this meditation for 40 days – the time it takes to create a new neural pathway and habit.

Heather-WaxmanHeather Waxman is a beloved spiritual mentor to women all over the world, offering new thinking on how to implement spirituality into everyday life. She is an Amazon best-selling author, spiritual life coach, and meditation guide + musician.

Through her deeply healing meditations, powerful vlogs, and strong presence on Periscope, Heather helps women develop a strong spiritual practice – a strong spiritual foundation – so they can create a life of personal freedom.

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