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Meet our Goddess Friends

A few months ago, I went to an epic yoga studio called White Peacock in Encinitas, California. They were leading a workshop by Audrey and Belinda all about tapping into your Goddess energy, specifically focused on Kali and Durrrrgggga (as Audrey pronounced it haha).

It was incredible. There was a beautiful altar, with candles and flowers where we were invited to place our mala beadsjewelry or special items on to be charged with the energy we created in this class. We did ecstatic dance, we chanted goddess mantras and did a gorgeous kundalini practice of meditation and postures that made us all feel like …. well, Goddesses.

Tiny Devotions had already started developing our Goddess collection months before and I partly went for “R and D” (Relaxation… I mean Research and Development) while also curious about what tapping into this goddess energy would be all about. Being in the 2 hour workshop was magical, and it solidified in my body that our Tiny Devotions goddess collection had to come to life. Annnnndd that we as women had an opportunity to really align with, and tap into these mystical energies to bring us more joyprosperityfire and love.

So why are we focused on these mythical characters? There is so much to learn and apply in hearing the beautiful stories that have been passed on for so many generations – the goddesses tell us stories that are drenched with lessons and values that we can bring into our normal life – whether we are stay at home mom’s needing to tap into Durga‘s 18 arms or corporate executives needing to tap into the empowerment of Kali.

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