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New Moon in Leo Manifesting Wealth + Luck Ritual

New Moon in Leo Manifesting Wealth + Luck Ritual

This year’s only new Moon in Leo is here to bring in a wealth of motivation and the opportunity to dream big.


What makes this astrological event an extremely lucky one is the fact that it just so happens to coincide with the “Lion’s Gate portal” — a powerful portal that opens up every year between July 28 and August 12, when Sirius (aka the brightest star), comes into view and aligns with the Sun. Since this new moon happens the first day, this will be an especially excellent time to call upon the moon to help you manifest the big stuff--Luck + Wealth.

Here’s everything you need to know about this powerful new Moon. 

This Leo New Moon is all about harnessing the power of self-validation

Usually with a Leo New Moon – which will be landing during the evening hours of July 28th – we would be telling you to seek a bit of good-natured attention in order to feel emotionally "seen" by friends, lovers, or family. Indeed, Leo season is showy. For better or worse, it’s a time to put ourselves out on display. While the Leo Sun loves this kind of spectacle for its own sake, the Leo Moon requires further validation. Clicks, shares, likes, comments, praises–these are all catnip around the Leo New Moon, which can be a somewhat needy transit.

This particular lunation, however, is more complex than usual – and the advice surrounding it has less to do with seeking ephemeral or virtual acknowledgments and more to do with self-validation. Why so?

The Leo New Moon joins the Sun to form an auspicious trine (or 120 degree angle) with expansive Jupiter. If combative squares between planets, are said to be ruled by bellicose Mars, trines are said to be of Jupiter’s very nature. That means this lunation appears to be benefitting from a double dose of Planet Luck-giver energy: more Leo charisma, warmth, vitality, rewards, and emotional recognition. On paper, this Leo New Moon looks great.

But always remember to read the astrological fine print: Jupiter stations retrograde a few hours after the New Moon. Retrogrades are said to pervert or debilitate a planet. Rather than expansion, therefore, we will be experiencing a reversed, introspective Jupiter. In the context of this lunation, the Luck-giver is saying something like: “friends, it’s time to stop looking outward for emotional validation on this New Moon (and beyond).”

What does July’s new Moon in Leo mean?

New Moons signal the end and start of a fresh lunar cycle, so it represents a time of rebirth — however, each month’s Moon has different effects depending on its nearby astrological transits. 

Leo represents creativity, self-worth and courage — and also taps into the relationship sector — so you can expect a boost and attraction to these traits specifically. 

This monumental period is packed with tenacity and the freedom to be bold, brave and parade your best assets. It’s a time to inspire others to accomplish, too, moving towards happiness as a collective whole in order to mend the past and present. 

What’s the impact of the Lion’s Gate on the new Moon in Leo?

The presence of the Lion’s Gate energy is what makes this new Moon all that more powerfully special. The energy of this astrological movement embodies the Leo traits of courage, strength and expression, and triggers a graduation from “now” into an “updated and better now”. 

In other words, it’s the perfect time to “roar” into your best and new self. 

What new Moon ritual will be the best to use during Leo's New Moon?

All we need are two blank papers, a bowl of water and match sticks or a lighter. Please remember to be careful + always take preventative measures to avoid injury to yourself and others whenever handling the elements.

On one blank sheet, we have to write down what no longer serves you that you want to change in your life. Word this very carefully, with love, respect, + intention. For example, "I have experienced a lack of abundance in love /relationship/money/health." Say outloud and write down: "I have learned what I needed to learn, experienced this lesson fully, and now, with gratitude, I release you. Thank you."

After it is written as you see fit, dip one end in water for you to safely hold it by and set it on fire. Use additional water to extengish the flames fully once the paper has been completeyly engulfed. 

On the next blank sheet, write what you want or want to manifest in your life. Do the same after writing your intentions and burn the paper and douse it in water.


Do this the day before and the day of the New Moon after sunset. With your angels, ancestors, spirit guides and love and faith in your heart, take their blessings and this will complete the ritual.

Happy manifesting and Happy new moon!

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