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Beautiful purple color - vibrant and classy. Amethyst is my birth stone and I am a sucker for just about anything you guys make that's purple. :-D

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Breathe only the good things in. Negativity out. Love my Inhale bracelet. Thanks, Tiny Devotions!

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Peace Berry Acai Bowl Recipe + Morning Intention Setting

Posted by Leslie Zirker on

Today’s post is guest written by Seana of The Bohemian Blonde. Watch her video below and read on to learn how she makes this delicious Peace Berry Acai Bowl recipe + see how Seana sets her intentions for the morning!

1) Set aside time in the morning to set the intention for the day. I picked a card from my Tiny Devotions intention deck to always set the tone. Today was, energy speaks louder than words” which was all I need to get the good vibes going!

2) Gather all of your ingredients from the recipe below (or hang on the pin for later)

3) Chop your fruit, blend your ingredients and play artist as you create your fruit masterpiece

4) Mindfully reconnect with each ingredient as the superfoods serve your mind, body and soul

Click the image to pin-it + save for later!

 Bowl Mixture:

+ 1 frozen packet of sambazon acai

+ 2 frozen bananas

+ 1 cup frozen mixed berries

+ 1/4 cup unsalted cashews

+1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

+ 1 tsp of cacao powder

+1 tsp of maca powder


+ strawberries

+ blueberries

+ kiwi

+ dark chocolate

+ bee pollen

+ mango

+ unsweetened coconut flakes

+ granola

Place all of the bowl mixture items into a blender and blend until you reach a sorbet/ice cream consistency.  Pour out into bowl.


It helps to keep the bowl in the freezer so it stays nice and cold while you eat your acai.

Next, Add on your toppings + Enjoy!

Seana The Bohemian BlondeSeana is a Health + Wellness Coach who believes in living a powerful life where you are the driver of your destiny. She shares clean eating ideas, workouts, meditations, holistic wellbeing and more on her blog, The Bohemian Blonde, and currently helps over 200+ members in an online community called Motivated Mavens.



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