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Promises to Strengthen Your Relationship

Promises to Strengthen Your Relationship

The most wonderful thing that God has given people is the capacity to love and be loved. Love is a powerful emotion, it binds people together and it makes the world a better place to live in. A relationship centered in love, trust, and faithfulness proves to be a long and lasting one. 

While not all relationships end in a happy conclusion, it does not always have to be that way. Having conflicts and problems should make the relationship stronger. Surpassing a difficult situation together creates a stronger and more meaningful bond. A little bump on the road should not mean an early exit on the relationship. Loving is easy and at the same time difficult. It gives you butterflies in the stomach but it also hurts your heart badly.  

As long as love is worth fighting for, whisper and work hard for these little but important promises and make your relationship stronger and better.

  1.   Promise to be kind.

Your partner is not your enemy. Couples often forget to be kind to those who are close to them. It’s not just about being kind, it’s about empathy and compassion. The ability to relate to their feelings and understand their situation.  

  1.   Promise to be each other’s better half.

A partnership is about being there for each other. Couples should bring out the best in each other. It must be able to inspire each other to be a better individual. People involved in a relationship should see their partner as their equal, that they are bonded together to create far more amazing things. 

  1.   Promise to remain faithful and true.

The most reassuring relationship is a relationship that is not tainted by any deceitful and manipulative actions. The moment you let go of the faith and trust you have given your partner is the moment you could have many difficulties. Which leads to the next promise;

  1.   Promise to never say sorry.

Promise to do things only for the best of your partner, you, and your relationship. Not having to say sorry means never doing something that you would be sorry in the future. It doesn’t mean being irresponsible when at fault, it means avoiding a decision or action that would be wrong and would hurt both you and your partner.

  1.   Promise to listen and understand.

In any relationship, problems arise when both parties fail to understand each other. Reevaluate the way you communicate. Listen to your partner with the goal of understanding and not so much to plot your counter-argument. Listen to understand and not to defend.

  1.   Promise to not give up.

There will be tough times. A relationship is all about staying alive in one hell of a roller coaster ride. Couples feel exhausted, faces problems whether financial, emotional, or physical. As long as the relationship does not cause harm to you and to other people, do not give up. After all, hard work pays. 

  1.   Promise to grow together.

Make mistakes and learn. A relationship is about supporting each other and helping each other to grow. There is no perfect relationship, couples learn through time how to handle a difficult situation. Give it time and let yourself grow and flourish within the relationship. Partners should help each other to grow in their own fields rather than putting shackles on their ankles.


  1.   Promise to do small things together.

The best part of any relationship is being able to do the smallest and goofiest thing while having fun and without judgment. Promise to make your significant other’s coffee every day, to wear matching shirts, buy promise bracelets, have dinner dates once in a while. Long lasting relationships should not be boring. It should make couples more comfortable to do anything or not do anything at all.

  1.   Promise to know the littlest things about each other.

Details are important. No matter how insignificant an event, happening or information may be, if your partner shared it to you, it must be something important. Getting to know the littlest details about your partner creates a more meaningful bond. It is reassuring that someone remembers tiny details and pays attention to what you are saying. 

  1.   Promise to communicate.

In any relationship, communicating is the most obvious reason to solve any conflict and dilemma. Being able to communicate problems to your partner will help both parties to understand a situation. It must be hard to trust and confide, but communicating your true feelings will help partners to create a solution that actually addresses the root cause of problems.

  1.   Promise to constantly and deliberately choose each other at any given situation.

“I choose you.” Loving comes naturally but staying in love is a choice. Promise to always choose your partner no matter what. Every person has a choice, and partners should choose to stay committed, loyal, and faithful to each other. Choosing each other is the best decision you have made. 

  1.   Promise to love each other even at your darkest times.

Loving is never easy, it’s not always fun and joyful. Promise your partner that even when they make a mistake, you’ll stay in love. Make mistakes together, correct your mistakes together.  Be better together. Part of our existence is based on the mistakes committed by mankind, and for sure your partner will have dark times, but that does need to define a relationship. People will have their worst days, and as a lover, partner, and an equal, you stay to help and bring out the good in your partner.

Commitment. Cherish. Support. True. Which one speaks to you the most?

Promises are not made to be broken. Promises exist to remind couples that it takes sacrifice, effort, and willingness to stay committed to making relationships work. 

Promises symbolize a partner’s dedication to you and your relationship. Strengthen your promises through the guidance of our couple bracelets. 

At Tiny Devotions, we offer promise bracelets that help partners strengthen their bonds, and encourage them to stay devoted and committed to each other.

These promise bracelets also signify your willingness to take the relationship to a higher and much more meaningful level. 

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