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Spring: The season for Rebirth, Renewal + Regrowth



We have this idea throughout winter that come spring, we’ll suddenly have boundless energy to get out of bed and try all those things chilly weather held us back from – but the reality is, sometimes we need the motivation to get out of a rut and rediscover our true desires. Next time you feel like watching one more episode on Netflix, try these simple tips to excite your spirit with Springtime optimism:

1. Recognize your saboteur. That inner voice that says “Nah, I’m good” at the opportunity to get out of bed. Once you do, you can start to see this voice as part of the process and can mentally reward yourself for ignoring it, and getting out there to do what you want.

2. Try something you don’t think you’re very good at. Doing something you might never be an expert at is an opportunity for growth and play.

3. Prompt yourself. Whether it be a quote, mantra or a picture, the next time you see something that moves you, pause and meditate on it.

4. Don’t imagine the end result. Allow the process of what you do to evolve without perfectionism. Allow your innovative side to express itself.

5. Do it because you love it. Ignore competition and love the process of what you’re doing because it is an expression of yourself.


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