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The Gypset guide to Ubud, Bali

I don’t remember if I went to Ubud (the spiritual centre of Bali, Indonesia) before or after reading Eat, Pray, Love…. but I really think this place has the divine opening for a spiritual journey for anyone who goes there. It’s heaven on earth. It’s special. It’s a manifesting vortex….

Much like Elizabeth Gilbert (who I adooooore by the way), I had a novel worthy experience when I sold all of my belongings after law school 6 years ago (car and surfboard included) and ran off to Bali for 2 months with no plan and an open heart. I found myself in a yoga teacher training, a craniosacral training and…
Tiny Devotions actually NEVER would have come to life if it wasn’t for me taking a giant risk in following my intuition when like 20 people in a week told me I haaaaadddd to go to Bali. I started making mala beads in Bali over 6 years ago now – who would have known!?

Whether its on your bucket list to roam through the beautiful rice paddies and lotus flowers of this town filled with devotion or if you just want to hold the mystical sacred energy of Bali on your wrist… we have you covered with our travel guide to Ubud and our Ubud bracelet.

p.s. my favourite thing about Ubud, Bali is that amazing little “devotions” that the Balinese put on the streets with flowers and Ritz crackers as gifts to honor the divine. It’s actually where the name “Tiny Devotions” came from

YOU have the power to create your own inner paradise, use your creativity,

become an artist of your thoughts.

YOU have the power to chase your dreams.

YOU are sitting on top of the world.

Let your mind transport you to the white sand beaches, picture inhaling the lush scents of a botanical paradise, the mist wrapping you in a warm embrace.

Azurite Malachite is said to encourage new perspectives, expanding your mind and cleansing your emotions. It’s a powerful conductor of energy, healing any hidden negative emotions.

Crystal is said to help you let go of certain feelings that have been bringing you down. It’s believed to help maintain your inspirational sense of well-being and happiness.

Top things to do in Ubud, Bali: 

1) Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest. This forest forms a sanctuary for the monkeys, who are considered sacred and well protected; there’s even a temple inside the forest where people go to worship. Visitors can stroll through it and see the monkeys up close, watch them play and eat, there’s even a woman outside the entrance selling bananas to feed them!

2) Locavore takes a different approach from most restaurants in Bali. It’s rare to find local seafood dining, but as the name suggests, Locavore uses only sustainably sourced ingredients from the island itself. Even the plates and silverware are made locally. Interested in buying that cocktail glass made from fragrant cinnamon wood? Just head to the workshop next door and grab one.

3) Stay at the Uma Ubud. In recognition of Bali’s powerful spirituality, they have developed a COMO Shambhala retreat, designed for those seeking greater health and mental quiet through yoga + wellness treatments. Simply listen to the life – animals, birds and people – that exudes from Ubud’s enchanted forests and mist-wrapped paddies.

4) Visit the BaliSpirit Festival. An annual celebration of yoga, dance and music in Ubud, BaliSpirit is one of those festivals that will inspire and energize you for months to come – and you’re likely to make a handful of new best friends!

5) Elephant Cave, Goa Gajah, is one of the island’s most impressive archaeological sites. Down a flight of stairs, you will discover a relic-filled courtyard and the main 11th century ‘cave’ in which you can enter to view rock-wall carvings and a meditational site, while out on the perimeter are a Hindu temple and an impressive bathing pool with fountains, excavated back in 1954.

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