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The Inspiration of Change

Did you know that in life, we are offered a new beginning in every moment? In order, to live in this realization we need to review our perception of life. Let me take you on a journey into the intriguing inspiration of seeing every opportunity as a new beginning that will forever set you free.

The minute you look up from what you are doing, time has changed. In the blink of the eye! Time has changed! Can you imagine every new moment as a new beginning?

In every new moment we start a new beginning where we are presented with a whole new moment into which we can intentionally choose the direction of our actions, thoughts, words and intentions.

If you choose the mindset of seeing every moment as a fresh new beginning, an opportunity arises to move from what was to what is now. In every moment, you have the precise opportunity to renew your outlook on life, opting in for a brand new perspective filled with joyful opportunities.

How we see life is based on our perceptions. So if we can choose to see the newness in every moment – we give our Self the gift of beginning afresh in that instance. This leads the way for us to choose new actions, thoughts, words, and intentions; in an instance. When life brings us lemons we have that moment to choose how we wish to proceed. We can see the lemons as an opportunity to refine our skills, and squeeze our self a fresh glass of perception.

Let us now, take this moment to take in a deep breath – from this moment we choose to still time into the moment of the breath. Space is created within the mind, allowing us to clear the mind just for that moment, and to be in that moment to clearly perceive the unfolding new beginning.

Now, I ask you today: if you could choose to see each moment of the day as an opportunity let go of what was, and stand at the door of new beginnings; would it not excite you to see each new day with a refreshing outlook. Each brand new day stands before you with 86,400 seconds of opportunities to start anew.

Everyday we are presented with opportunities to begin afresh and literally set the clock back. Our perceptions of time and space sometimes stand in the way of how we can let go of the past. Instead step forth into the moment, seek the chance to free our self from the boundaries of our conditioning.

So, give yourself this gift of seeing the World afresh offering you many opportunities to move forward into the moment with powerful intentions. Every moment provides you that chance to clearly redefine your future.

Now, let us take a moment to anchor in the energies of new beginnings in every moment so, that you may emerge into a brand new self with a fresh new perspective and perception on life:

  1. Take a moment to pause, breathe and step back so, you can get a clear picture of where you are, and where you wish to go.
  2. We are truly powerful beings, give yourself this moment to see yourself as a bright beautiful being of Light completely connected and supported by the Universe.  
  3. Visualization is a powerful tool to help us step more gracefully forward into the World. Let us create for a moment to visualize: See yourself as that Infinite Light Being, literally glowing brilliant wherever you are sitting. Now see the World as your playground, a playground where you are the author to create any story you wish. So, now I invite you to create a story where you see the World around you responding to your every wish.

Let us celebrate in all our new beginnings.

Light, Love + New Beginnings,

Belinda Pearl

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