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The Journey to Enlightenment


When we step outside of our ego, we can learn to love ourselves from the inside out and find our calling. Here are 5 steps to living your life authentically and finding your bliss:

1. Accept. There is no escape from reality: not through junk food or alcohol, or anything else. Take note of when you find yourself looking for a temporary escape, and remind yourself that the effects would soon wear off and you’ll be in waiting once again. Our life is the creation of our mind.
2. Find yourself. Who are you? Ask yourself over and over again. Erase the conditioning society has used to represent you.
3. Be the love. Know thyself + love thyself. This will get you to the source of healing, consciously awaken you and help you to discover who you truly are.
4. Stop resisting. Soften your alignment. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Allow boundaries to disappear and limitations to fall. What are you resisting and why?
5. Create your life how you want it. Choose your experiences. Life is your story, and you are the author. What will your adventure be?

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