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Turquoise Stones for Your Intentions

Turquoise Stones for Your Intentions

The turquoise crystal is a gem that is always present in a Mala necklace or yoga jewelry. It is considered as the most legendary of all the healing minerals because of the various benefits it offers to the wearer. Turquoise also have this dazzling shade of blue-green reminiscent of the tranquil sea waters. It first made its appearance around 6000 BCE in Egypt and it was included in the royal jewelry and protective amulets of the Pharaohs.

This gemstones is one of the first ones to be mined and is considered as a scared element of the Native Americans. They used it as a healing tool and for connecting heaven and Earth. Turquoise is an all-in-one gem that is also referred to as the “master healer” because of its abilities to promote energy flow of the highest vibrations of love.

Turquoise stones are the first gemstones to be mined. Different cultures and people have different beliefs in what these precious stones can do for their well being. It is be found abundantly in Iran, Tibet, China, Southwestern United States, Australia, Siberia and in Europe. Some of the best quality turquoise stones are said to be mined from Neyshabur, Iran.

Emotions and Energies of the Turquoise Stone

Turquoise is a jewel that brings color and brightness to your basic wardrobe. It easily lifts your spirit and promotes over-all well-being as it energizes all the chakra centers. If a turquoise stone finds its way into your life, it means that you need its healing powers. Turquoise crystals are like a multivitamin for the soul. It gives the wearer a charismatic aura which is the result of a revitalized sense of confidence.

You can wear your mala necklace with a Turquoise gem close to your heart to feel all its healing effects and its positive vibes. Carrying it reminds the wearer of a restful vacation place with stunning sea waters which easily soothe emotional struggles from within your soul.

Why do you use Turquoise?

The turquoise stone is used for various purposes - as a calming ornament, a protective stone, a symbol of power and luck. In the workplace, this stone promotes leadership and aids regular travels associated with your career. It also helps the wearer avoid any unwise moves. Writers can benefit from turquoise as it clears communication and helps overcome writer’s block. It is a good amulet people working in the law or government. It is recommended for computer operators, mass media, and business as it relieves mental relaxation, release anxiety and provides protection from bodily harm.

Busy travelers are advised to carry this crystal. It protects you from accidents and keeps your valuables safe from loss or theft.

Turquoise is always regarded as an ornamental gem and as a symbol of male prowess. It has been worn by popular people like King Tut and Cleopatra in Egypt. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Aztecs, American Indians, and Incas were some of the first known wearers of the turquoise stone for protection and healing. Over the years, the use of Turquoise also evolved as it was included in secular jewelry.

Today, it is one of the most popular stones used in Mala necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and other meditation jewelry.

Turquoise Stones and Meditation

Meditating with the Turquoise stone in your yoga accessories allows you to enter into a peaceful mode of relaxation and access its healing powers as you float onto the river of tranquility.  

At Tiny Devotions, we have several Mala necklaces and bracelets made with blue or white Turquoise stones for various intentions. Take a look and choose one that speaks to you.


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