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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Love

With the Waning Gibbous Moon, your energies and thoughts begin to turn inward. Remember during this moon phase that rest is just as important as taking action. Listen to your body and make sure to set aside “me” time.

Check in with yourself. This is a good time for self-reflection.

  • What does your body need right now?
  • What are some ways you can pamper yourself?
  • Are you on the correct path + living in authenticity?
  • Are you doing things that make your soul happy?
  • Are you working towards the manifestation of your dreams?
  • Are you living your life with the proper intentions?

Nurture your body to strengthen your soul

Take the time to nurture, align, love + nourish your body. Turn off your phone and shift your focus to the most important person in your life – YOU! Click here or on the checklist below to download + print some of our favorite ways to cultivate self-love.



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