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They did not disappoint!
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I've been looking for something special to wear to remind me that I am whole, powerful, and able. When I saw this Clarity Necklace at Tiny Devotions I knew this is what I wanted! They did not disappoint!

I love purple
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Beautiful purple color - vibrant and classy. Amethyst is my birth stone and I am a sucker for just about anything you guys make that's purple. :-D

Breathe only good things.
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Breathe only the good things in. Negativity out. Love my Inhale bracelet. Thanks, Tiny Devotions!

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Using your Japa Mala for Meditation

Posted by katelyn on


Japa meditation is the repetition of a Mantra. We use it as a practice to focus the thoughts and quiet the mind. The next time you’re thinking of meditating, try incorporating Japa into your practice using the following steps:

1. Choose the right mantra for you & your MalaBe clear on what your intentions are. Use your intuition over your intellect. Don’t be afraid to pick a mantra, repeat it a few times, and if it doesn’t feel right, choose another, until you find the one that resonates with you.

2. Focus the mind on the mantra. Let go of your thoughts, breathe slowly & deeply. Hold your mala in your right hand, and use your thumb to count each bead in sync with the repetition of your chosen mantra. The index finger should not touch the mala. As you repeat it gently pull the beads towards you as you release the mantra. It is best to repeat each mantra 108 times, 1 full time around a mala necklace.

3. Reflection. Once you have reached your 109th bead/gemstone, this is a time for reflection. To look at where you are in your journey, how far you have come, to open your mind to the possibilities the future holds.

4. Carry your mantra with you. The use of your mala in Japa Meditation practice, allows the mala to house the energy brought to it through your practice. Wearing your mala throughout the day allows you to bring that positive energy with you, as a reminder for when you need it most.


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