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What are healing beads and do crystals have healing powers?

What are healing beads and do crystals have healing powers?

Gemstones have been utilized for healing purposes for ages now. Over the centuries, people have been making research about how healing beads can affect and improve the health of those wearing them. It is believed that there are magnetic powers in these sparkling stones and crystals which have proven therapeutic and effective in treating ailments.  The practice of improving one’s health with the use of these gems is referred to as gem therapy.

In yoga practice and meditation, the energy of these stones are said to surround the body and gives it the ability to absorb energies that will help in healing the mind and body. A lot of practitioners have testified on the boosts that semi-precious stones give every time they practice yoga for good health.

There are specific poses and yoga sessions that are focused on alleviating body pains and ailments. Even doctors recommend yoga practice to correct certain health problems on posture, muscle, and improve bone health. Yoga is also practiced for better metabolism, flexibility, improved concentration and stress relief.

The healing wonders of yoga are no longer questionable even in modern times. It is one of the traditional healing methods that had maintained its identity and there is no age limit for its practice. The more people seek and practice it, the more they discover ways to enhance both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Mala Meditation Boost the Effects of Yoga

Yoga practice also emphasizes meditation and calmness. Practitioners make use of  Mala beads to help them meditate. These mala are made up of crystal beads, natural wood beads, and other gemstones. Meditation using mala with its 108 beads leads to more effective self-realization. These mala are usually decorated with healing beads and gemstones which can influence the body, mind, and emotions.

Practitioners often feel an attraction towards certain gems because of the serenity and calmness it offers to the human mind and spirit. They are said to assist in the attainment of peace and spirituality. Moreover, there are numerous physical, mental and spiritual benefits associated with meditation, yoga, and gemstones.

Ten Healing Stones and What are They Used For

Ancient cultures have always believed that each gem and semi-precious stone has unique mineral formations and has their own unique powers. Some can help create a grounded, loving home, while there are those that help purify the air. Some gems can clear the mind and make ill-feelings go away. But do you know which of these gems are right for you?


Pearl is known for its cooling abilities and its calming effect on the mind and the emotions. Pearls are also associated with the female reproductive system and fertility. Because of its cool and calming nature, Pearls are great for use in warmer climates or during summer. People with heat or inflammatory health conditions can benefit from the healing powers of pearls. Pearls are also known to help women achieve better skin health and condition.


Among the healing gemstones, Amethyst is considered the most well-rounded and a necessity to have. It helps to relieve headaches, general fatigue, and body aches. For centuries, Amethyst is used for its powers to promote stronger joints, better skin and to induce pleasant dreams and better sleep.


Commonly called the Crystal, Quartz is good energy absorbers and has the ability to regulate it. It is usually used with other gems as it is believed to harmonize the chakras, amplify the effects of other gems and neutralize negative energies. It balances and revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit to enhance a person’s psychic ability.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli comes from a combination of minerals and is believed to be in existence since the beginning of time. This precious stone has been used by the Hebrews in ceremonial robes. This healing gem is believed to help boost the immune system, the thyroid, and the nervous system. It can also alleviate migraine, fevers, headache, and pain.


This healing gemstone is said to showcase the best in people and enhance their mental and intuitive abilities in clairvoyance and a connection with higher spirit guides. This stone is said to temper negativity, shame and depression. It also helps heal respiratory issues such as colds and bronchitis, aids digestion and metabolism. Labradorite also stimulates mental clarity and lessens anxiety and stress.


Jade has a wonderful color and it is said to help improve tranquility and concentration. It helps fight stress, depression, and hypertension as it positively affects blood pressure and energy flow in the body.


This gem is one of the earliest known precious stones and it is said to imbibe good feelings for health and luck. It is the gemstone for grounding, improving self-confidence and realizations. It is linked to physical wellness of eye and ear illnesses and an improved immune system.


This gem is known for its benefits for stability and strength. It promotes grounding and deep connection with the Earth. It helps promote deeper meditation, relaxation, and calmness. People who carry this gem are said to release insecurities, fears, stress, and anxieties.


The Hematite stone is believed to have strong abilities in balancing the chakras. It shields against radiation and electromagnetic solutions from computer screens so those who use computers often can keep a string of Hematite beads close at hand. This stone is also linked to better blood flow and circulation.


This semi-precious stone is said to imbibe better concentration, focus, and clarity. People with fluorite is said to have better learning and creativity and it is known to enhance the natural powers of other stones. Health-wise, this stone is associated with the healing of inflammatory diseases, nerve problems, and detoxification.

Healing beads and crystals has become trendy accessories not only for people practicing Yoga. For those who are into meditation and yoga, wearing these gemstones as part of their accessory highlights their spiritual self. It also becomes easier and accessible for them to meditate during a lull.

While yoga is a medium to connect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of the human being, the use of crystals and gemstones has also been associated with the practice. People practicing yoga find an enhanced healing experience during their sessions and meditations. This is achieved with the help of crystals and gemstones in their mala and yoga accessories.


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