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What are the Benefits of Wearing Mala Bracelets?

What are the Benefits of Wearing Mala Bracelets?

The mala bracelet is a meditation tool used to help you focus and become more mindful as you meditate. The mala bracelet can be made up of beads like sandalwood, rudraksha, rosewood, and more. It is also combined with semi precious stones and crystals to help with specific intentions. The stones have innate properties which are believed to influence the person using them.

How will using a Mala Bracelet Benefit You?

When your energy is at its lowest, when you start your meditation there is a likelihood of you falling asleep. But, whenever your energy level is high, fantasies and distractions can be your worst enemies. This is where your mala bracelet comes to play. It will be your anchor and your stronghold as you focus and meditate.

The mala bracelet offers several benefits to the wearer:

  1. It helps them focus and stay grounded in their meditation.
  2. Mala bracelets help users in setting up their intentions.
  3. It enables users to have clearer minds and thoughts.
  4. It aligns all the energies in the body which connects the mind, body, and spirit.
  5. Mala bracelets heal and protect.
  6. Wear the mala bracelet and stay attuned to your intentions and pray or meditate wherever you are.

Mala Bracelets: Set Intentions and Gemstones

Oftentimes, mala bracelets are used together with the healing power of its gemstones to clearly set the intentions of the user. The mala bracelet is made of genuine gemstones, so that the wearer may be able to benefit from all of them.  The gemstones attract or inhibit certain energies, depending on the type. There are some gemstones specifically intended for abundance, peace, healing, love, clarity, and some of them are directed towards certain chakras for healing.

However, the crystals and gemstones are not ‘magic’. It is vital that the user set his or her intention and pray for what he or she want from the universe. Your intention refers to your aim or purpose, something you want to achieve or attain. Setting intentions can be simply done through prayers, mantras, or meditations.

Mala Bracelets and Focus

Mala bracelets are a perfect tool for focus and concentration. The mala bracelet was believed to have been created centuries ago to help users in prayer and meditation. They are simply worn by people who believe in them from different faiths all over the world. One can use this in everyday life, traveling, or at the office where you can silently count the mala beads and silently pray or meditate while setting your intentions.

Meditating With Your Mala Bracelet

You may start your mantra at the main bead after the guru bead and proceed around the bracelet loop until you reach the guru bead from where you started. For those who wanted to do another round of mantra, you may just turn the mala bracelet around and start in the other direction. As you meditate, you must focus on your breathing. You can then proceed past each mala bead and breathe out and breathe in.

Furthermore, you can make use of your mala bracelet to ensure you attract the energies that you would want in your life. It will help you keep your affirmations and intentions with you wherever you go and regardless of the time of the day or night. You can also add a sacred mala purse or pouch to help store it in your bag or pocket safely.

Meditation and Mala Bracelets

Spiritual meditation is known to be an excellent healer of the mind, soul, and body. For the Hindu and Buddhist, 108 is an auspicious number. Most mala bracelets and necklaces are made out of 108 mala beads which are either made of wood, crystals, or precious gemstones of the wearer’s choice. Mala bracelets can also be custom made and contain 27 mala beads or 21 mala beads as the case may be.

There are some mala bracelets that are specially made of gemstones that match the chakra of the energy you are trying to balance or work with. The yoga malas are the deemed the affirmations of the sacred intention of your ritual. They are often placed on altars. The Tibetan prayer beads are made of rudraksha and often come with rose quartz, jade, carnelian, japa beads, and agate and have been since used since the dawn of history.

Aligning Energies and Traditional Mala Bracelets

The mala bracelet is a basic grounding tool that aligns all the energies in the body and connects the mind, body, and soul. When the energies scattered cross our body align, it will connect our  soul and help light the way of our journey.

The old mala bracelet of the Hindus are made of rudraksha and they are closely related to Shiva, Bodhi seeds from the Buddha tree, lotus seeds, and rosewood which is said linked to Ganesha.

The healing chakra mala bracelets are often made out of semi-precious stones of varying colors and energies. The Rose Quartz and Jade are closely related to the heart chakra and symbolizes emotional stability. White Quartz is known to represent balance much like the Yin and Yang. Black Onyx is a popular grounding stone. Turquoise on the other hand provides tranquility and peace of mind to the wearer. Mala bracelets are great and meaningful gifts that must be handled with extra care as they have energy of its wearer.

Essentially, the mala bracelet turns to what exactly the wearer wants.  Every time the wearer recites her mantra or repeats her devotion, her hopes, aspirations, and desires are slowly manifested.

Use the mala bracelet with the right set of intentions and help bring your dreams and deepest desires out into world.  Eventually, you will be able to balance them with your affirmations and at the same time cleanse your mind, body, and soul from all forms of evil, harm, and negativity.

Mala bracelets are very useful meditation tools for anyone who wishes a more grounded and clearer mind.

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