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What Do Mala Bead Necklaces Mean?

What Do Mala Bead Necklaces Mean?

Life can be a little rough and challenging. Along the journey, some people lose the passion and drive they once had when they were younger, some feel alone, some lose track of what path to take to the extent of not knowing their purpose in life. In this fast-paced world, people forget about taking a step back and appreciating what they already have. Nevertheless, there are a lot of ways to get back to that zealous self and stress-free life. Others do it through traveling, venturing into sports like swimming, or hiking. Another way to do it is through self-discovery while doing yoga and meditation.

Meditation is a form of prayer or a simple practice that can be done by anyone which can help reduce stress, promote happiness, and increase calmness. This practice is used all over the world, in every country, among various culture, tradition, and religion. While others use it for religious purposes, it can be used by individuals to bring about inner peace and calmness for the body. 

One of the famous types of meditation is Japa Meditation. This type of meditation uses mantra and prayers. “Japa” is a Sanskrit word that means “to mutter.” Japa Meditation is done muttering the mantra repeatedly to help the mind enter a meditative state that can lead to relaxation. Some traditional mantras are as follows: Elohim (to whom one has recourse in distress or when one is in need of guidance), Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha (remove obstacles), and Om Shanti Shanti Shanti (to become or achieve peace of mind, body, speech). People recite these mantras while holding a string of mala beads on their right hand that will guide them through every chant. Pairing mala with other crystals can attract other positive energy while doing meditation, it mala also helps the practitioner to stay focus. 

What are Mala Beads?

Mala beads are a string of beads that are used in meditation practice. Mala can be used as a rosary that can guide the person to recite the scriptures. People doing meditation use mala to help them stay focus through counting the beads while breathing in and out. These Malas can also be used as decoration and jewelry. Devotees usually wear mala as a bracelet, necklace or they opt to put it in an altar for meditation. Malas also serve as a beautiful reminder of one’s devotion and commitment to the practice. Mala usually has a significant value and prayers attached to it. People have a personal connection with their mala, because it is chosen from the energy it gives off while the wearer was holding the beads. Moreover, it contains a sacred meaning to a devotee’s practice. 

Malas are made out of different materials. The most common types of malas are crafted from woods, gemstones, or even seeds. Malas give off different energies to the wearer also depending on the material and gemstones added to the string. There are limitless possibilities in creating your own mala. Malas are a freeing object, so it allows the wearer to create their own variations of woods and stone beads. 

How can it help you?

Malas are instrument proven to improve meditation that can relieve stress.  The word “beads” came from the Anglo-Saxon word “bede” which means “to pray.” Having a mala bead means finding a spiritual connection that will bring about inner calmness and peace. 

There are many other benefits of using mala beads. Besides being used as a Mantra guide, Malas help you enter your meditative state, that helps in relieving your stress and anxiety. It is believed that when individuals are choosing a mala that gives off the energy that you are praying for, it will most likely react to the positive force.

  • Jasper- Jasper brings balance and protection from negativities for the wearer. People seek for jasper stones when they are having a difficult time during transitions and major changes with their lives.
  • Lava- Lava gives out strength and courage during difficult and troubled life situations. American-Indian warriors used this bead to help them on the battlefield.
  • Lemon Quartz- Lemon Quartz helps the wearer to be creative and take risks. It gives off courage, so the wearer can stay calm and become optimistic in facing any challenges. 
  • Clear Quartz- Clear Quartz manifests clarity and helps you to stay focus. It is considered as a master healer. It aligns your chakras and helps you connect to your higher spiritual self. 
  • Turquoise- Turquoise brings about healing and protection. It helps the wearer to have a pure soul and eliminate all negative energy in their life.
  • Rose Quartz- Rose Quartz emanated unconditional and true love. This stone is perfect for someone who is seeking and improving love for oneself and for others. It brings about healing and comfort and helps eliminate all fears, scars, and wounds.

How do You Use Mala Beads?

The main use of mala beads is as a guide for prayer. Malas have a tassel which represents the start and the end of your mantra. This tassels in malas represent the interconnectedness of every living being in the world. When using mala during meditation, use the dominant hand, and tassel facing toward you. Guru beads are your guide for the beginning and end of your prayer. Start the bead to the right of the guru bead and begin turning each bead slowly after reciting a mantra or on each bead take a deep inhale and exhale. One complete turn of a meditation mala is 108 beads. After completing the prayer or mantra, reflect on your learning for the day and appreciate all the good things in life. Performing the meditation ritual once a day will gradually improve your focus and will make you calmer and eventually achieve inner peace. 

There are a lot of uses and benefits in owning a mala bead. Believing in its power is one way to achieve self-enlightenment and calmness. Although people have varying ways of relieving stress, daily prayers, mantras, and meditation can surely improve how the mind works.

Being comfortable with yourself and your thoughts is a powerful experience that one can achieve with the help of your mala accessories.

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