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Who Wouldn’t Like A Week of Saturdays At the Beach?!

Dear friends, travelers and seekers of adventure,

What does life look like when everyday is a Saturday at the beach (in the middle of winter, no less)? What does it feel like to have a week of nourishing meals without having to step into your kitchen? How does it feel to truly disconnect from our daily grind and have time for self-care?

Well, you will love every moment of a GYPSET Yoga Retreat and let us tell you why;

A funny thing happens on every retreat. You can literally see people soften and relax in real time as the week goes on.

The first day or two we are getting acclimated. Still in that weird place where we are not at work but our minds and bodies feel like part of them should be. It takes a couple days to really settle in. Which is why a full week is absolutely necessary. As the week goes on and we begin to feel nourished with healthy meals, daily yoga classes, morning meditation sessions and rock solid nights of sleep, we move from the routine of our daily working lives to tough choices like: should we go shopping or hang on the beach? Should we take a cab into town, hit the markets and have lunch? Do we want to take a barre class and a restorative class or just a vinyasa class after morning meditation? Do I want more of those beautiful Mexican glasses? Or just take time to ourself to meditate with our malas  again? Seriously, these become our biggest decisions while on retreat. It’s so wonderful to see everyone go from the rush, rush, rush of our daily lives to really weighing in on choices like, should we sign up for a cooking class or take a castle tour (or do both!)?

Being on a yoga retreat gives us time to breathe. To unwind, let go and make time for self-care. To practice yoga daily and have time for adventure. It only takes a few days and, trust us, you will be seriously weighing whether you should go for a hike along the ocean or stay a little longer after a meal and chat with your new best friends over a glass of wine.

And, on a GYPSET retreat people are invited to come as they are. They know they will feel safe and supported because Melissa Schoeller and Laurel Van Matre not only teach all the classes but create the ultimate self care package by creating an environment that is supportive of each participant.

You will also get to design your own adventure on one of our retreats. Some retreats can look like giving everything up and adhering to a strict schedule. Our retreats are for adults who are looking for a healthy vacation and a some adventure and have the freedom to choose what they do in their downtime in addition to the daily class schedule. Some people choose to stay onsite and some people want more excitement and activity. Our goal is to provide an experience that supports a week of wellness with the right amount of adventure.

Where do you want to go?! Visit to book your week of Saturdays today!



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