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Why moving is THE WORST, but doesn’t have to be…

The entire internet can agree on the fact that moving is THE WORST.  Google the words “moving is” and you’ll find a plethora of responses revolving around why…  moving is stressful, moving is hard, moving is exhausting, moving is expensive… it goes on and on. And let’s be honest, they aren’t lying, moving is all those things. In case you’ve missed it, we are in the final stretches of preparing to move to a new head office. It’s been challenging, frustrating, and at times overwhelming.  But (and there is always a but) it has also been one of the most exciting and enlightening processes.

We understand how easy it can be to get consumed by the drudgery of a project like moving. However, if we can pass along one nugget of advice, it would be to take a minute and try to find the silver lining.  Instead of focusing on the annoying things on your plate, try and change your perspective. We bet you’ll be surprised by what you see.

Here are the top 4 things we’ve learned about ourselves through this process

      1. As yogis, we have to be flexible

We’re leaving our current home to move into a brand new, modern space. Big surprise, construction was behind. As a result we’ve had our moving date pushed back multiple times.  We’ve literally been working out of boxes for the past few weeks, which sounds super inconvenient… but miraculously it’s worked out just fine (funny how that happens). It was such a good reminder that not everything is going to go to plan, but it’s still going to work out exactly how it was supposed to

      2. We’ve grown… A LOT

You know the saying you can’t see the forest for the trees? Yeah… it’s amazing how true that can be sometimes.  When you’re in the thick of it, laser focused on your goals, it’s hard to take a step back and see the big picture.  Prepping for this move has really forced us to do that. We’ve had to stop and take a good hard look at our product offerings, our old samples, our design and inspo boards and decide if they were still valuable to us. That can be a really uncomfortable process, and you have to let go of things that were once super important to you, but it’s necessary and ultimately so good for you.

    3. We’ve got a great community

Our friends, families and TD Tribe have been unreal during this.  They’ve helped haul stuff to the women’s shelter. They’ve offered to come uninstall our appliances to avoid hiring a plumber. You know all those things on the to-do list that never seem to get checked off until the last minute when you’re panicking? We’ve had offers of help for all of them.  Moving involves a ton of tedious tasks that no one wants to do, and if people offer to do those things for you, hold on tight to them and never let them go

      4. We’ve “failed”… and then we’ve flourished

Not every idea we’ve ever had has been a good one.  One of the hardest parts of moving is going through your old things and deciding what is coming with you, and what’s destined for greater things. Finding old samples and design sketches of products past is a bit like finding your grade 10 yearbook. It’s totally cringeworthy to be reminded of ideas that you were convinced were going to be AMAZING (ie those gemstone wine stoppers) that turned out to be complete duds.  But it’s also really motivating to take a big picture look at just how much you’ve learned from those “failures”, or how they were just the catalyst for your next great idea.

So yes, we do agree with you that aspects of moving are THE WORST.  But next time your wrestling with that awkward tape dispenser thing trying to avoid your 1000th cardboard cut (no.. just us?)  try to remind yourself of what an amazing opportunity to completely re energize your life this is.  Use this chance to shed everything that isn’t serving you, and start the next chapter with fresh intentions that match the fresh coat of paint.


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