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Women Empowering Women: How it's up to us to make oppression a thing of the past

Women Empowering Women: How it's up to us to make oppression a thing of the past

Female Empowerment (Cheering each other on)

It is said that there is a hardworking woman behind every successful man. The same goes for women, also like their support for each other is the foundation of female empowerment by cheering each other on. This practice of motivating other women around us is necessary because there is so much pressure on women from our society. This pressure makes it even more important for women to cheer each other on to reach the female empowerment goals we have set out to conquer.

However, before cheering each other on, women must feel confident in their skin. They must realize their worth in the homes, workplaces and everywhere around. Only when they are confident and feeling good about themselves, they will be able to ensure female empowerment by cheering each other on.

Be Nice to Yourself

Being a woman is not easy since a woman has to look after house, kids, and work. Consequently, there is very little time left for her to spend on herself. Having a quick sandwich after preparing lunch and breakfast for kids while cleaning the house speedily to go for work on time is the situation all the women can relate to. If a child is sick or there is some party at home, the workload drives us all crazy.

This continuous work without any leisure time or recreation develops negative emotions in women. You must find you put some time for yourself as "me time" when you pamper yourself and take care of yourself. Go for a steamy bath, a relaxing facial, a warm cup of tea or coffee, a silent walk through the natural settings, or indulge yourself in a good book. This will make you feel good about yourself, and you will be in better condition to support other women.

Look for Examples to Follow

Sisterhood is a phenomenon that does not require you to have a biological relationship with someone. It is bonding with women around you going through the same as you. To motivate your soul sisters, look for someone who can inspire you to be positive and encouraging to the other women around you. Look for someone who has been through tough situations and not only survived herself but became a source of encouragement for other women experiencing similar circumstances. Take inspiration from their bravery, resolution, determination, and motivation. First, apply it on your life to stay positive in hopelessness, too, and then use it as a tool to uplift, encourage, and empower fellow women.

Leave Positive Vibes

Women going through oppression, domestic violence, gender discrimination at workplaces, and other negative experiences are highly in need of some positivity around. Gossiping, leg-pulling, and backbiting are the few other things that continuously add up to the negativity in the atmosphere for women. Your little acts of positivity and kindness can bring a smile on someone's face. A woman after a rough day at work or a sleepless night attending her sick child values your smile, greetings, and a little compliment. 

Keep complimenting each other on looks, dress, makeup, shoes, hairdos, housekeeping, and any small good thing you see there. Your one kind of comment may be the only positive thing she gets that day. This small gesture of love and kindness can make her day and build your positive image in her eyes. These positive vibes you transfer to a woman around you will travel through the surroundings and create a positive environment.

Be Supportive

Every woman wants support, guidance, and facilitation, and it feels wonderful when someone from your gender supports you. This support does not require you to go for something huge and out of the way. Only your compliments and positive attitude works like magic to cheer the women around you.

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