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Yoga Essentials: What You Need to Start Your Yoga Journey

Yoga Essentials: What You Need to Start Your Yoga Journey

Many people are beginning to discover the benefits of the physical and mental exercises that have hooked thousands of practitioners around the world for thousands of years - yoga. Yoga can be exercised by everyone, whether you are young or old, skinny, fit, or overweight. Yoga has been able to calm the mind and strengthen the body at the same time. While some people may be intimidated by the terminologies used in yoga, you will soon find out the yoga is for everyone.

There are plenty of reasons why people should practice yoga. Yoga provides plenty of benefits to the practitioner, from restful sleep to stress relief, and for pain relief and cure for various ailments. Practicing yoga makes you feel better, allowing you to be healthier in body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is also known to improve muscle tone, strength and stamina, and flexibility.

To start practicing yoga, all you need is a teacher and some yoga essentials that will help you start.


Yoga mats are specially fabricated to prevent hands and feet slipping during practice. While you may practice yoga without a mat, you will do so at your own peril. Sitting in meditation on the grass or a carpeted floor will be fine but standing or balancing on your hands or spending time on your back or abdomen will require good cushioning, which can be provided by a good yoga mat.

A yoga practitioner can easily buy a sturdy, sticky, and durable yoga mat that will provide comfort and support while he performs the various yoga poses.

If you will have an impromptu yoga session outside, such as under the trees, you may do so without a yoga mat. It will also be good to practice yoga while connecting with the grass or the soil. However, while a yoga mat is not required when you attend a yoga class, be ready to get a few stares when you practice on the bare floor.

Mat bag

You do not just carry the rolled yoga mats when going to or from the yoga studio. You need a good yoga mat bag that makes the transport of your yoga mat easy and comfortable.

The most common type of yoga mat bag is a tote sling carrier with side pocket and pocket zipper for your other yoga accessories and items.


 Yoga pants are flexible and form-fitting pants worn by yoga practitioners to allow plenty of movements, stretching, and bending. They should allow you to surrender your body to the full benefits of the practice, things that you will not be able to do if you wear regular pants that will ride up or will not provide enough coverage as you perform the various yoga poses. Yoga pants should fit well, be comfortable, offer support and remain durable.

Good yoga pants must be lightweight but at the same time give you the desired coverage that will allow you to move from one pose to the next.

Yoga Tops

The top that you will wear with your yoga pants should be a significant element of the exercise itself. Wearing inappropriate yoga outfits was responsible for many misfortunes in yoga practice. The top that you will wear while performing the various yoga poses should allow you to relax and be comfortable, without having to worry about unnecessarily exposing yourself. The key to a good yoga top is that it must fit firmly.

 The yoga tops must be made of cotton fabrics that will allow the wearer to be comfortable and relax moving from one pose to another. Since yoga requires some challenging poses, the top should be tight around the chest.

The yoga shirt must stay in place regardless of the pose the practitioner will be doing. The last thing a yoga practitioner should worry about is what happens to the shirt while doing some yoga poses.


As with any other physical activity, you will sweat a lot practicing yoga. In order to avoid slips and slides while moving from yoga pose to another, having a super-absorbent towel will greatly help.

You can get a super-absorbent yoga towel from any yoga supply store. 


Incense and yoga are closely intertwined. Most yoga teachers fill the room with incense smoke although sometimes the smoke is unhealthy. Incense is the most natural way to bring fragrance to the yoga room.

Incense sticks must be positioned at least two meters away from the yoga practitioners, in a well-ventilated room. The incense sticks must be burned before starting yoga and meditation so that the room will be cleansed as you start and you will be breathing in only the scent mixed with the air. Strong incense smoke could be overpowering for sensitive people, making them lose their concentration.

It is best to burn natural incense sticks, without any added perfume or un-aromatic filler. The natural incense sticks like Sandalwood must be made from aromatic herbs or wood.


Music is one of the most important allies of a yoga instructor in the same manner that music plays an important role in other movement disciplines such as dance and studio cycling. Various forms of exercises utilize music in order to thrive. In yoga, the music to play and when to play it will elevate the practitioners to another level. However, poor selection of yoga music can create a disconnect between the body and the brain.

It is important to get a playlist that will help lower the levels of cortisol in the listener’s blood, such as sitar music.

 Mala necklaces and bracelets 

Mala literally means heavenly garland. However, you don’t have to be religious to use mala necklaces and bracelets. Mala beads are used for meditation as well, which is the most common use of the beads today.

Mala necklaces and bracelets and traditionally used as a sacred and spiritual tool. The materials used in creating them hold spiritual benefits, with some mala beads channeling positive energy, while others provide calming effects.

 Mala jewelry is important in movement meditation that brings a harmonious joining of body and mind to center thoughts and awareness of oneness with oneself and the universe. The mala beads are individually crafted to bring one’s mind into alignment with the beauty all around. It is very common to find yoga practitioners wearing a mala necklace, bracelet, anklet or even meditation rings!

When you have gathered all the yoga essentials, you will be all set to embark on your first yoga session.

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