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Mermaid Limitless Mala

Mermaid Limitless Mala

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The Limitless Mala is the first interchangeable mala designed to be as limitless as you are. Style your Limitless Mala as is, or amplify it with your fave gurus based on your style or intention for any and everyday of the week. 

Allow your Limitless Mala to serve as a reminder that you have the ability to rise above your circumstances and manifest your heart’s desire. You are powerful, you are beautiful, and you are limitless. Within you lies the strength and determination to overcome any obstacle in your way. 

Rock Crystal is believed to be capable of providing a cleansing, balancing, and energizing aura. Its grounding properties are said to encourage deep grounding + connection to the earth.

Some suggested Clear Quartz Limitless Mala amplifier pairings:

    • Rainbow Quartz  Soul Amplifier - for soul healing and promotion of universal love
    • Rose Quartz  Love Amplifier - for opening the heart and encouraging love
    • Amethyst Meditation Amplifer - to take your spiritual consciousness to new depths

Or click here to choose your Limitless Amplifiers! 

Hang Length | 17.5 Inches

*Limitless Mala, Amplifiers, and bracelet sold separately 

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