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Thrive Mala

Thrive Mala

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You thrive to create a life of well-being, wisdom and wonder. Don't exist, live. Get out, explore. Thrive. Challenge yourself. Evolve. The Thrive Mala is your reminder to be the energy you want to attract and to let your faith be bigger than your fear. 

African Turquoise is believed to relieve stress and enhance your creative gifts. It is said to be helpful in psychic visions and spiritual guidance.

Opalite is said to be helpful in meditation to enhance communication and bring an understanding of your true self. It is believed to provide the courage to reach unimaginable goals.

Hematite is believed to bring stability, grounding + protection. It is said to decrease negativity and bring mental organization. 

Clear Quartz inspires strength and clarity. It is believed to absorb, store, amplify, balance, focus + transmit energy.

Rudraksha is believed to promote healing and positivity. It is said to guide journeys and shield from negative energies.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. 

Hang Length: 17 inches

African Turquoise | Opalite | Hematite | Rudraksha


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