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Tranquility Mala

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Vendor: Tiny Devotions

Be in the moment. Savor the present because it’s time that you won’t be able to get back once it has passed. Quiet your mind and don’t let the fast pace of the world around you take away you peace.

The Tranquility Mala reminds you to take a breath and listen to the inner voice guiding you. There’s no need to rush. Enjoy that hard, long stretch. Sip your tea slowly. Live in the here and now and enjoy the beauty all around you.

This new mala features Clear Quartz which helps open up the mind for a more enlightened point of view; Amethyst helps purifies the mind and eliminates negative thoughts; Green Jade promotes serenity and stability; and Rose Quartz helps bring your consciousness to a higher level.

Hang length is 22 inches, can be worn double layered.

Clear Quartz l Amethyst l Green Jade l Rose Quartz

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Beyond Beautiful! 💜
The quest for peace
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