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Cosmic Mala Bracelet

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For the Astral explorer, we've designed a mala bracelet with a gemstone for all nine planets in our solar system. Carry with you the...
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For the Astral explorer, we've designed a mala bracelet with a gemstone for all nine planets in our solar system. Carry with you the cosmic power, beauty, and wonder of our galaxy with this stunning all gemstone mala bracelet.

Neptune is represented by Lapis Lazuli, a stone of intuition. Lapis Lazuli has been used in many ancient rituals to ward of evil + enhance the wearer's natural awareness.

Uranus is represented by Green Tiger's Eye, a stone of courage. Green Tiger's Eye is believed by many to lend the wearer the bravery and strength to survive emotional battles.

Saturn is represented by Picture Jasper, a stone of grounding. Picture Jasper is used by metaphysicists to connect with physical energies and help bring comfort + alleviate fear.

Jupiter is represented by brown Agate, a stone of stabilization. This gem vibrates on a lower frequency than most gemstones and can help any wearer that is grieving or transitioning through significant change.

Mars is represented by Red Tiger's Eye, a stone of endurance. Red Tiger's Eye is a highly physical stone and can help the wearer build stamina + good energy.

Earth is represented by Labradorite, a stone of protection. Labradorite is exceptional where healing is needed. It can also promote faith + trust.

Mercury is represented by Amazonite, a stone of tranquility. Amazonites naturally bright blue color can being a sense of peace + calm to the wearer, while also inciting a sense of adventure within the wearer.

Venus is represented by Red Coral, a stone of wisdom. Red Coral helps promote happiness while alleviating panic and nightmares.

Pluto is represented by Yellow Tiger's Eye, a stone of focus. Tiger's Eye is an incredibly diverse stone that helps protect the wearer. This stone can also enhance psychic abilities + help ground the wearer. 

Lapis Lazuli | Green Tiger's Eye | Picture Jasper | Brown Agate | Red Tiger's Eye | Labradorite | Amazonite | Red Coral | Yellow Tiger's Eye

Blue Sandstone beaded band

Stretch cord to fit most wrist sizes





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