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Amethyst Mala Bracelet


Aquarius Power Gemstones:

As an Aquarius, those close to you know that you are a true original. You engage with the company around you in a way that makes them feel at ease and listened to. Since you tend to self-reflect and evaluate, you are sometimes uncertain how others perceive you. You don’t have anything to worry about though. The people that are lucky enough to be in your circle appreciate your energy, thoughtfulness, and (sometimes) bizarre humor. You are independent and your uniqueness is nearly rebellious. You are a free-spirit and do not conform to the norm.

With these incredible traits in mind, there is some stubbornness to you as well. You have a clear of idea of how you want things to go which sometimes conflicts with other strong personalities. We recommend you keep your power gemstones with you to ease these times. Aquamarine resonates with you highly due to its alluring light blue color and water qualities. This gemstone can be used to help you connect with your community and family values. It can also be used to call upon your forgiveness As an Aquarius, sometimes you find that you feel hurt or betrayed, and it hits you harder than most. Jasper is also very useful to you in this sense, as it is known to help you cope with old wounds that may still haunt you. Your Aquarius birthstone, amethyst, is also incredibly effective in the healing process. Amethyst is a favorite for many and can be used for an abundance of spiritual needs. Claim this beautiful birthstone and use it to balance your body + spirit, while looking gorgeous doing so.